MAFS week three recap: The good, the bad and the ugly

It's Intimacy Week on Married At First Sight.

👍 The Good: Jesse and Claire finally bond

👎 The Bad: Harrison throws Dan under the bus

😡 The Ugly: Caitlin hurt by Shannon's awful comments

MAFS has dialled up the drama this week, with explosive fights breaking out across multiple ‘marriages’. Week three of the reality show saw the 10 pairs attend an intimacy workshop hosted by sexologist Alessandra Rampola, with interesting results.

While some embraced the Intimacy Week tasks, two couples struggled to navigate the aftermath. Here’s what you need to know.

Jesse and Claire’s ‘marriage’ turns a corner

After Jesse Burford lashed out at Claire Nomarhas and Adam Seed for allegedly kissing, his relationship with Claire was practically nonexistent. The heartbroken groom attempted to leave the experiment last week but was stopped by Claire wanting to give him a second chance.

As part of Intimacy Week, the pair completed all their tasks and enjoyed their time spent together. The groom attempted to show his ‘wife’ he was ready to work on the relationship by organising a cute bowling date in his apartment and even accompanied her to a crystal shop.

When Jesse made amends with Adam and presented Claire with a sweet list of things he liked about her, the pair ended Intimacy Week closer than ever. The couple is now living together again and should have a smooth commitment ceremony on Sunday.

MAFS stars Jesse and Claire in a crystal shop
This week on MAFS, Jesse and Claire repaired their rocky relationship. Photo: Nine


Harrison causes a rift in Dan and Sandy’s relationship

Fans haven’t warmed to Harrison Boon yet after his awful behaviour towards ‘wife’ Bronte Schofield has continually left viewers fuming. This week, he threw another groom under the bus, letting Dan Hunjas take the heat for something he had done.

At the dinner party, Janelle Han revealed that she overheard Harrison telling her ‘husband’ Adam that one of the grooms had got a girl’s number during a night out.

A shocked Janelle consulted with another couple about whether or not she should tell Dan's 'bride' Sandy Jawanda when Harrison got wind of the conversation.

He told the couples to leave it alone and that he would speak to Dan, but during that conversation, it emerged that Harrison was the one who actually took the number with a confused Dan telling Harrison he never took the number during the night out.

Once Sandy caught wind of the situation, she stormed off in tears. Viewers slammed Harrison for lying about taking the girl’s number, with one calling him a “monster”.

Harrison Boon sitting at the dinner party on MAFS
Harrison caused havoc at the dinner party. Photo: Nine


Shannon lashes out at Caitlin in ‘disgusting’ display

After Shannon Adams dropped the bombshell that he was still in love with his ex last week, viewers didn’t think his behaviour could get much worse. However, his “disgusting” attack on his partner Caitlin McConville shocked and alarmed fans.

After the pair completed an Intimacy Week challenge which involved staring deep into each other’s eyes for five minutes, Shannon lashed out about Caitlin’s appearance.

“You are a good-looking girl, but just not in my eyes,” he told her. “I thought you were going to come down that aisle and completely blow me away.

“Honestly, those things that I was saying about my ex, I wouldn’t have contemplated saying that. I would’ve just cut it, completely forgot it. That stuff shouldn’t have been an issue.”

The blonde 27-year-old was devastated after the conversation and sobbed as she tried to speak to producers.

“That whole conversation was just about how I’m not good enough,” she said through tears. “I came here because I wanted to find love and I wanted someone to love me.”

L: Caitlin from MAFS in tears. R: Caitlin and Shannon hold hands on the couch
Caitlin was reduced to tears after Shannon's cruel remarks. Photo: Nine


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