MAFS' Melissa details 'scary' incident with two men at work

The Married at First Sight star detailed the experience after copping fierce backlash.

Married at First Sight bride Melissa Sheppard has been open about her love of sex on the reality TV show, repeatedly expressing frustration at her groom Josh White's conservative behaviour.

The self-proclaimed "freak in the sheets" has spoken about her fears of being in a sexless marriage, saying intimacy is very important to her.

The star however has copped fierce backlash for her outspoken view of sex on the show and told Mamamia how that had impacted her in real life since filming wrapped and the show started airing on Channel Nine.

Melissa Sheppard looking sad (left) and smiling in a black dress (right).
Melissa Sheppard revealed two men had tried to track her down at work. Source: Instagram

"Two men have been to my place of work to find me," the 41-year-old hairdresser told the publication.

"One man asked my colleagues if the 'freak in the sheets' was in. When she said 'no' and then asked what he wanted, he just said, 'Well if she's after a good f**k, I can give it to her.' My colleague asked him to leave and I reported it.

"It shocked me because no one has ever said anything like that towards me before. I know they were going from what they saw on MAFS, but that's not who I am. I wanted sex with my husband, yes, but not with multiple random men. It was scary."


A source tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the 41-year-old is “devastated” by her portrayal as “a horny old woman”, but many are telling her she could turn it into a lucrative career.

“A lot of them are talking about the idea of her joining OnlyFans and how much money she could make,” an insider tells us. “She wouldn't even have to do anything explicit. People can make a killing from lingerie and bikini pics.

“Right now Melissa just wants the show to hurry up and end so she can return to normal life, but down the track, she might try to profit from it once the dust has settled.”

Melissa Sheppard poses on the MAFS set.
Melissa Sheppard has copped backlash after being open about her sex life on Married at First Sight. Source: Instagram

Following the backlash she has copped online, Melissa, who has had a tumultuous relationship with her ‘husband’ Josh since the beginning of the experiment, shared a post on social media begging viewers to stop bullying her.

The TV bride posted a photo that read: “We all love watching MAFS and following the journey of the participants in Australia's biggest social experiment.

“This is a space to celebrate our couples, support and encourage them. Negative, offensive or personal comments against participants, experts, or fellows MAFS viewers will not be tolerated.”

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