MAFS insider reveals X-rated secrets about Harrison: 'Not pleased'

Married At First Sight's Bronte Schofield and Harrison Boon are set to continue their rocky path.

MAFS couple Bronte Schofield and Harrison Boon seem to be this year’s most controversial pairing, after it was revealed the groom had a girlfriend outside of the experiment. Bronte was blindsided at her wedding when guest Jessica Tomlinson informed her that Harrison was involved with a mystery woman, claiming he even slept with her the day before.

Fans were horrified when Bronte decided to give Harrison the benefit of the doubt on Wednesday night’s episode. Her sister, who originally was furious with Harrison, called to tell her that Jessica may have been acting out of jealousy as she wasn’t asked to be a bridesmaid.

L: MAFS contestant Bronte Schofield. R: MAFS contestant Harrison Boon
MAFS couple Bronte Schofield and Harrison Boon's wedding was rocked by a scandal. Photo: Nine

According to So Dramatic!, the couple connect during their Hunter Valley honeymoon and have sex on the very first night.

However, an insider told the podcast their steamy tryst went horribly wrong and left the bride ‘unsatisfied’.

“Let’s just say Bronte wasn’t exactly pleased with Harrison’s performance,” the source claimed. “She calls him a ‘pump and a dump’ and said it was over in two seconds.”


The publication reports that the 28-year-old didn’t feel an ‘intimate connection’ with Harrison during the act and made her thoughts very clear.

“She told friends the next day that she felt like a mattress with a hole in it,” they said.

According to the insider, Harrison doesn’t take criticism well and “loses it” when she hits him with her feelings.

“Then he blames her and says it’s because he’s not sexually attracted to her. Then they are at war again,” warns the source.

MAFS Bronte and Harrison at their wedding
Bronte has allegedly spoken out about Harrison's performance in the bedroom. Photo: Nine

Bronte and Harrison’s past connection revealed

This comes after shock screenshots uncovered by the Daily Mail prove Bronte and Harrison met prior to appearing on the show.

The screenshots show that the pair met on Hinge four months before they filmed their wedding, however, Bronte appeared to have no interest in dating Harrison at the time. She even went so far as to joke with a friend that he couldn't "take a hint" as she didn't reply to any of his messages.


The screenshots show the pair matching on May 24 last year, with Harrison quickly starting the conversation with, "Hi". He then followed up by asking how her weekend was, but Bronte didn't respond.

This didn't deter Harrison, who later messaged another day, saying, "Hey! X". It's unclear if the conversation between the pair ever went anywhere after this.

"Bronte sent her sister a screenshot of Harrison's profile and messages alongside the words, 'I hate guys that can't take the hint,'" a source told the publication of the photos. "They were laughing because Harrison was just talking to himself."

According to an on-set source, Bronte brought up the fact they'd matched on the dating app to Harrison, who told her "not to feel special" because he'd matched with "hundreds" of other women on dating apps.

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