• Gemini Daily Horoscope – 27 May 2022

    Not long now before that wonderful new moon in your sign but for now, it’s all about you decompressing and spending some quiet time with your thoughts and avoiding loud, opinionated people if you can, or muting them. It’s like the calm before the storm – a wonderfully exhilarating storm that washes away all that […]

  • Leo Daily Horoscope – 27 May 2022

    You really need to shine today even more than usual, and so that’s what you might do if the circumstances are right and this can take several different forms. This is a good day for your career and to make a splash at work or in an interview situation or meeting that you might have […]

  • Pisces Daily Horoscope – 27 May 2022

    Shoot the breeze with those that you like speaking to and feel free to change your mind and be delightfully flighty if you feel like it. You love being fluid and today’s no different. You might hear some news or some gossip about someone in your local neighbourhood. It’s a fun day and one that’s […]

  • Aries Daily Horoscope – 27 May 2022

    The Taurus moon is your golden opportunity to think about your own needs and worth and the contribution that you make but don’t give yourself enough credit for or get enough appreciation for no doubt. This is also a great day to review all your outgoings to ensure that you’re getting all the best deals. […]

  • Scorpio Daily Horoscope – 27 May 2022

    The moon in your opposite sign shifts the energies and therefore your focus onto your relationship with others and the outside world in general. It’s a great day for listening to other people and finding out how they’ve been and really hearing it to the point of it truly sinking in. You might feel that […]

  • Taurus Daily Horoscope – 27 May 2022

    The moon in your sign is your chance to spend more time with your emotions and understand them. Or not. Sometimes all you can do is accept them. What an opportunity this is for you to remind yourself and others of how much you’re in control and how much your stability and level-headedness help others […]

  • Aquarius Daily Horoscope – 27 May 2022

    The only place you probably really want to be at the end of what might be your working week is plonked on the couch in front of Netflix with a takeaway and a bottle of wine, with someone that you know really well and that you don’t have to make much of an effort to […]

  • Moonchild Daily Horoscope – 27 May 2022

    Good friends are your key to a fun, memorable Friday. There’s also a strong astrological case being made for you being true to your values and yourself and being guided by the beat of your own drum even if this means going against the tide. Contradictorily, you like being part of a group and you […]

  • Sagittarius Daily Horoscope – 27 May 2022

    Life’s as complicated as you make it today and if you decide to leave others to their own devices and not offer your opinion or make things your problem that isn’t, you’ll have a far easier time of it. Work looks likely to go really well today too. You might decide to shut out what […]

  • Capricorn Daily Horoscope – 27 May 2022

    Things happen out of the blue today and light up your life as they do, so you might find yourself doing something spontaneously or deciding at the last minute that you want to go out on the town for example! There are also some other surprises in this energy and you’re also in an organisational […]

  • Virgo Daily Horoscope – 27 May 2022

    This is your day to expand your mental horizons by educating yourself on something new – you might even be looking into further education or taking the prospect of a new form of training a lot more seriously at the moment. Travel plans look like they’ll be made today, or you will be traveling outside […]

  • Libra Daily Horoscope – 27 May 2022

    It’s not like you to be so black and white about things because you’re always trying to balance those scales of yours, but the position of the strong Taurean moon in your chart does make you a little more fixed in your opinions. Not all emotions are meant to be understood and this is one […]

  • Moonchild Daily Horoscope – 26 May 2022

    Retrograde Pluto gets a burst of energy from love planet Venus in the wee small hours of tomorrow morning. Odds are you’ll be feeling this percolating down to you right now in several ways. Are you getting mixed signals? Someone blowing hot and cold? Or is it that a certain person is trying to stamp […]