MAFS' Sandy set for heartbreak as Dan 'gets intimate' with wedding guest

Fans have been rallying around the couple after they appeared to have a genuine connection.

Married at First Sight stars Dan Hunjas and Sandy Jawanda appeared to be smitten with one another during their wedding ceremony on Tuesday night, however a flirty photo has emerged of the groom getting cosy with a wedding guest.

The picture of Dan with the younger girl, posted on her Instagram over the weekend, could suggest Sandy and Dan's relationship doesn't last the distance.

On Friday night, just days before his wedding finally aired on TV, Dan was photographed getting intimate with the influencer on the Gold Coast.

Samantha Louise Symes, who has 39,500 Instagram followers, shared a picture of her sitting on Dan's lap as he kisses her cheek.

She is seen wearing a tight leopard dress as she turns her head towards him and puts a hand up towards his face. He has one hand on her upper thigh while the other hangs around her neck.

A woman in a leopard dress sits on Dan's lap as he kisses her cheek.
Wedding guest Samantha Louise Symes posted a photo getting cosy with MAFS groom Dan. Source: Instagram

Next to the couple smiling is MAFS groom Adam Seed. Since the photo emerged, it has been revealed the woman in the flirty snap is Dan's friend, and she appeared on MAFS as a guest at his and Sandy's wedding. She was wearing a busty orange corset dress and was seen chatting with another guest sitting beside her.

Fans have been rallying behind Sandy and Dan after they appeared to have a strong connection at the altar which continued into their reception. The bride also expressed her excitement Dan had embraced her culture.


"I hope these two work out," one wrote on Twitter.

"Dan seems so respectful, emotionally intelligent and genuine. Healthy curiosity and embracing of her culture."

Sandy and Dan hold hands at the MAFS altar.
Sandy and Dan appeared to hit it off at the altar on Tuesday night. Source: Channel 9

"Dan and Sandy I can see making it to the end," another commented.

"I really don't want to get my heart broken by Dan and Sandy," a third fan added.

"Dan and Sandy are giving me so much life right now. Love them," a viewer said.

MAFS viewers slam groom over off-camera act

While Sandy and Dan appeared to be forming a genuine connection, groom Jesse Burford and his new wife Claire Nomarhas got off to a rocky start.

As they left for their Whitsundays honeymoon on Tuesday night, the marriage celebrant shocked the bride by telling her she was "too loud" at the airport.

Claire wipes tears from her eyes while speaking to MAFS producers.
Claire was left in tears by the incident. Source: Channel 9

As the pair waited at the airport, Jesse told Claire to be quiet "a few times", causing a lot of tension between them, with Claire saying she was beginning to "second guess" everything she was saying and how she said it.

Claire tries to explain she simply wants to learn as much as she can about her new 'husband', however, he refuses to have a conversation with her, instead saying he wants to sit quietly.

"I think Claire can sometimes become unaware of how loud she's speaking and it's just how much she talks and comments," Jesse tells the camera. "I prefer quality of conversation, over quantity of conversation."

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