MAFS' Harrison's fiery on-air clash with Erin Molan: 'Ridiculous'

The Married at First Sight star defended himself after he took a girl's number during filming.

Married at First Sight groom Harrison Boon has had a fiery on-air clash with radio star Erin Molan following a bombshell revelation he got a girl's number during a night out.

During the show's dinner party on Wednesday night, Harrison admitted he gave a girl his number while he was out with co-star Dan Hunjas, and insinuated Dan had also taken a number – an allegation he fiercely denied.

Appearing on 2DAY FM's Hughesy, Ed & Erin show on Thursday morning, Harrison said he was not completely at fault for getting the girl's number while 'married', causing a clash between Erin and the MAFS star.

"I think for me this is the first real mistake that I've made in the experiment," he said.

"I went out, I was drinking and I handled the situation badly and if I could go back and do it differently again I would. Watching it last night was pretty confronting to see it played back and I can definitely see what people are talking about."

Erin Molan pointing in the studio.
Erin Molan grilled Harrison live on-air. Source: 2DAY FM

The radio show then played a clip of Harrison saying on the show the woman at the bar said, "You're so hot, can I get your number".

"You're listening to that and realising that's ridiculous," Erin then tells the MAFS star.

"I just think it's so funny that the experts are sitting in their chairs in the other room putting it all on me, pretending like I'm trying to throw Dan under the bus. Dan is one of my best mates, there's no way I would throw my mate under the bus to protect myself," he shot back.

"Making out like Dan's not a ladies' man is ridiculous."

Erin then grilled Harrison about why he took the woman's number at the bar, saying his headspace should have been that he was in a relationship.


"When you go into a bar, I know as a person, when I've been single, you make yourself open to women approaching you ... Unless you're Brad Pitt you make it open, you make eyes, you engage in a way a woman feels comfortable enough to come up and give you her number, would you accept that?" she said.

"I don't accept that, no," Harrison shot back.

"I've actually got a real issue with people insinuating it's the guy's fault, or it's the girl's fault, it really takes two to tango."

Erin then interjected, saying, "But she's probably single though, the woman who came up to you," before Harrison said, "Can I please finish my point?".

Erin then said she was making the point that to have a woman approach you in a bar, he must've given her the green light by either "making eyes or by the way you're acting".

"I genuinely don't think it happens unless there is some sort of interaction that she says, 'OK, he's keen', because humans are terrified of rejection," she said.

Bronte looking frustrated while Harrison throws his hands up during a commitment ceremony on MAFS.
Harrison and Bronte argue during a commitment ceremony. Source: Channel Nine

Harrison then reiterated there was not one person more at fault in the situation, before Erin grilled him again.

"No, I'm talking about you and your partner, you're the one at fault if you had a partner, a wife, I'm not talking about the girl who approached you, she's probably single," she said.

Dave 'Hughsey' Hughes then asked Harrison if he was wearing his wedding ring when he was approached, to which the MAFS star said he was.

"So you genuinely don't think in any way you were there and open to attention from other women?" Erin asked.

"Well it was a bar and we were having a conversation in a group of people, I didn't know the conversation was forward until the question about the number came up," Harrison responded.

"I take your point but I do have an issue with the notion a man is at fault or a woman is at fault in these situations, I think it takes two to tango."

Erin again said her point was if one of those people was in a relationship, then it's not about who's at fault, if one was in a relationship they're at fault.

As Hughsey moved the conversation on, Harrison teased a scandalous MAFS episode to come.

"There are things that are about to come to light in the experiment that makes a phone number look like child's stuff," he said.

"And if you go back and watch last night's episode, the people who had the most to say are definitely throwing stones from a glass house."

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