MAFS' Olivia hits back after transformation backlash: 'Disgusted'

The Married At First Sight star has divided with her latest cosmetic procedure.

MAFS star Olivia Frazer has slammed trolls for “attacking” her with an “outpouring of hate” after she revealed her latest cosmetic transformation. On Thursday, the OnlyFans creator uploaded a selfie on Instagram showing off her new pout.

Knowing that she would likely receive some negative backlash for getting lip filler, the reality TV star swiftly turned comments off. However, that didn't stop an influx of direct messages berating Olivia for her beauty choice flooding in.

MAFS star Olivia Frazer at the Babylon premiere
MAFS star Olivia Frazer has undergone a cosmetic procedure. Photo: Getty

In a set of Instagram stories, the 29-year-old shared her ‘disgust’ over ‘rude’ messages she had been receiving.

She made it clear that she had only had 1mL of filler added to her lips, and showed snaps from her younger days where her lips were naturally that full.


“To say I’m disgusted by the outpouring of hate I’ve got for a measly 1mL filler, would be an understatement,” she wrote.

“I got a tiny bit of filler to restore volume I’ve lost with age. I haven’t ‘overdone’ it. And if I had, it’s rude to comment.”

She told followers that she thinks she looks “f**king fantastic”, and threatened to block trolls that continue to bombard her with ‘hateful’ messages.

“Forgive me for wanting my pre-trauma face back. Frankly, what I do is no one’s business but my own,” she fired out.

The star also shared a before and after shot, which shows that the small amount of lip filler wasn’t extremely different to her natural pout.

L: White text on a black background from Olivia Frazer's Instagram story. R: Olivia Frazer's instagram story on a beige background showing a before and after set of lips
The reality TV star wasn't happy after receiving a number of negative messages. Photo: Instagram/olivefrazer

“My cosmetic nurse just sent this to shut the haters up,” she announced. “Super super super subtle results. But what’s important is I LOVE IT. It makes me feel good.

“Stop attacking me for my choices about my body. You people have no ownership of me, my face, my body or my choices.”

The brunette finished her rant by telling fans to keep their opinions to themselves, unless they have something “kind” to say.

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