MAFS fans slam Harrison for ‘disgusting’ move after sex act

Married At First Sight fans were left fuming over Harrison's behaviour on his honeymoon.

MAFS fans have rallied around Bronte Schofield after her 'husband' Harrison Boon began treating her differently after they consummated their marriage on their honeymoon. The pair's marriage was off to a rocky start after Bronte's friend told her at their wedding that Harrison had a girlfriend on the outside, but after agreeing to a fresh start, things seemed to be going well for the newlyweds.

The pair honeymooned in the Hunter Valley and enjoyed wine over lunch one day, with Harrison telling Bronte, "I cannot tell you how f**king sexy you look today. My God."

MAFS Harrison
MAFS fans have slammed Harrison for the way he treated 'wife' Bronte after the pair consummated their marriage. Photo: Nine

He continued, telling a giggling Bronte, "It's taking everything not to jump over this f**king chair right now, especially with a couple of wines in me."

Harrison then tells the producers, "I was attracted to Bronte when I first met her, but I feel like the more time I get to spend with her, the more attracted I become."


Bronte also gushed about her new husband to the cameras, "Soaking it up here, with my now-husband on our honeymoon has been absolute bliss. Honestly, I don't think it could have gone any better, just hoping it stays this way."

However, it was later revealed the pair had sex that night, but things didn't go as they'd hoped.

"I guess sometimes the hotter the flame, the faster it burns out," Harrison told the producers the following morning, explaining their chemistry fizzled out as soon as they had sex.

MAFS Bronte and Harrison on their honeymoon
Harrison was very sexually attracted to Bronte as they enjoyed lunch one day, telling her 'it's taking everything not to jump over this f**king chair right now'. Photo: Nine

Bronte agreed, saying Harrison wasn't as focused on the emotional side of things, only the physical.

"For me, sex isn't just about physical, I need to be mentally stimulated, and he did sort of just shut that down quick," she said. "And he goes, 'Oh I don't need that, I just need physical'. I was like, 'OK, but I want to build a connection with you. I don't want this just to be because we find each other good looking.'"

The pair sat down over coffee to chat about what had gone wrong, with Bronte saying she wants to really get to know him.

"We definitely need to strip it back and just get to know each other," she said.

Harrison was clearly wishing they weren't in front of cameras and defensively hit back, "I don't really want to talk about it anymore, though. To be honest with you, I just kind of want a bit of time apart."

Bronte told the cameras, "When it came to the sexual side of things, I don't think it met either of our expectations."

MAFS Harrison puts face in hands
Harrison claimed the pair's chemistry fizzled out as soon as they had sex. Photo: Nine
MAFS Bronte wipes away a tear
Sources have revealed that Bronte 'wasn't exactly pleased with Harrison's performance'. Photo: Nine

"It was so rushed, and there was no emotions in there... basically I knew his favourite sex position before I knew his favourite colour."

A source told So Dramatic! that Bronte "wasn't exactly pleased with Harrison's performance".

"She calls him a ‘pump and dump’ and said it was over in two seconds," they said, adding Bronte made it "very clear" she wasn't "satisfied" and told him "he needs to slow down next time".

Sources also added that Harrison didn't like Bronte's critique of his sexual performance, which led him to blaming her and saying he's not sexually attracted to her.

Fans were not having any of it, with one viewer writing on Twitter, "Nooo I feel so sorry for Bronte. Harrison is straight up DISGUSTING."

"The way Harrison was talking at the table is a big [red flag] imo," another wrote.

"'I do not understand men like this' – my husband, a good man, reacts to Harrison," a third shared.

"Why does Harrison keep cutting off Bronte when she's trying to talk about their intimacy? He obviously flopped in bed," someone else added.


"Harrison you’re acting like a f***in flop mate," one viewer wrote. "Producers please put a few guys that have at least have SOME emotional intelligence."

"Harrison is what’s wrong with men," another said. "They butter you up to get you in bed, then when they get it they’re bored of you and throw you away. He’s disgusting."

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