The top 5 videos that got you clicking this week

From the bear that unceremoniously crashed a wedding to the Play School hosts busted with a bong, here are the videos that got you clicking this week!

Flashback Friday: Kate Winslet

From her days as Leonardo DiCaprio's leading lady to her role as a mother, we take a look back at how Kate Winslet's style has evolved over time.

10 tips for better sleep

Good sleep delivers increased resistance to illness, improved concentration, better moods, happier relationships, improved libido, better weight control and a refreshed and more youthful appearance. …

Stars Who Prove Strong Is The New Sexy

As Gigi Hadid put it, "a change is happening" and these stars are helping to change the mindset that 'thin is in' and prove that it's more much important to be fit, strong and healthy than it is to …

10 Tips For Perfect Bridal Nails

When it comes to looking preened and flawless on your wedding day, your nails are an essential part of that process. Make-up artist extraordinaire

Worst Celebrity Make-Up Fails

Songstress Taylor Swift was spotted on Wednesday walking the streets of New York after completely forgetting to blend in her under eye concealer. However she's not alone in the make-up fails so we've …

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