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Karen and Ed go on a recipe road trip through Tropical North Queensland. And Dr Harry meets an excitable pooch with a “wee” problem.

Fast Ed’s beetroot dumplings

Ed makes whips up some beetroot dumplings, inspired by gnocchi but using every single part of the beet – including the leaves!

Demi’s DIY chic concrete clock

Demi’s found a way to add a bit of relaxed modern flair to your place with a chic Concrete Clock. Embracing some industrial vibes, this clock is sleek and stylish - and incredibly easy to make!

Adam's sliding door quick fix

Are your sliding doors wreaking havoc on your floors? Don’t put it off! Adam shows us how easy it is to fix those pesky sliding doors when they keep falling off the rails.

Karen Martini's winter grain salad

A hearty and healthy winter grain salad packed full of some winter goodies that will definitely make your weekday dinners more exciting and delicious!

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