Beauty Survival: Jordana Brewster

"Furious 7" actress Jordana Brewster picks the five items she would take with her to a deserted island.

Style Session: Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes reveals her celebrity style icon, reflects on her Dawson's Creek years and spills the secret to her iconic hair, when she sits down with own Joe Zee in the latest Style Session.

Next time on Better Homes and Gardens

This week Better Homes and Gardens is giving you a front-row seat to greatest flower show on earth – the spectacular Chelsea Flower and Garden Show.

Karen Martini: Thai Massaman Curry, Ep 16 (22.05.15)

If you love curry but shy away from making your own curry paste from scratch, Karen’s Thai Massaman Curry recipe is just what you need! A perfect blend of spice and delicate creaminess, this is just what the doctor ordered for the colder months – and you can make plenty in advance to enjoy later on.

Fast Ed: Apple pot pie, Ep 16 (22.05.15)

It’s apple pie but not as you know it as Ed creates the impossible: an Apple Pot Pie that tastes and looks sinfully sweet, but with a few clever tricks dessert transforms into a healthy dish that is low in sugar and guilt-free.

Fast Ed: Healthy lasagne, Ep 16 (22.05.15)

Want to sneak in a few extra veggies in your diet, but tired of the boring salad or stir-fry options? Ed shows us a tasty way to eat hearty and healthy at the same time with his ultimate Healthy Lasagne!

Joh and Pete: Iconic Seidler House, Ep 16 (22.05.15)

This week, Joh and Pete visit the ultimate cliff-hanger – the iconic Seidler House in the Southern Highlands. The last house ever designed by the late Harry Seidler, this gravity-defying masterpiece is as much a work of art as it is an architectural feat, but behind the eye-popping setting is a warm and friendly home that will take your breath away.

Jason Hodges: Lilly Pilly pruning, Ep 16 (22.05.15)

To prune or not to prune, that is the question. But if you’re talking lilly pillys the answer is definitely prune, and Jason shows us how to spruce up your hedges with some tips on trimming and maintaining these robust plants to make sure they are happy and healthy.

Graham Ross: Stepping stone plant pathway, Ep 16 (22.05.15)

Taking inspiration from this week’s garden walkaround, Graham creates a garden path that will work in any backyard space. But forget concrete slabs and heavy landscaping – with just a few stepping stones and some beautiful plants this simple pathway can be yours in just a couple of hours!

Graham Ross: Queensland garden walkaround, Ep 16 (22.05.15)

The term “designer garden” might summon up visions of topiaries and manicured perfection, but the upkeep on such a garden can be huge. This week Graham visits a stunning garden in Queensland where the designer has created the perfect garden – for herself. This clever garden isn’t just easy on the eye – it’s also easy to maintain and full of tips to suit your budget and style, and to help keep your garden productive.

Dr Harry: Shadow-chasing border collie, Ep 16 (22.05.15)

Nobody likes to be kept in the dark, and this week Dr Harry meets a border collie who makes daytime walkies a living nightmare. This curious collie is a chasing-machine but it’s not sheep this pooch is after – it’s her shadow!

Dr Harry: Coco the pig, Ep 16 (22.05.15)

It’s not very often that Dr Harry is upstaged, but he may have met his match in the form of a delightful performing miniature pig named Coco. While not the most conventional pet, Coco has all types of tricks up her sleeve – and Dr Harry’s got all the do's and don'ts for keeping these pigs at home.

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