Top Beauty Essentials for Pregnant Women

There are so many products you can't use when you're expecting. Well, good news - here are the ones that you can!

Marnie The Dog has better friends than you

Marnie the Dog was adopted as a 12 year old from a shelter in New York. She has become Hollywood's latest socialite, and an Instagram sensation with her photos with some of the biggest celebrity names. We guarantee you will be jealous of this canine queen's success.

#MCBeautySpy: Poppy King

The Melbourne-born, New York-based entrepreneur behind the very cool Lipstick Queen range, opens up her beauty cupboard.

Celebrity Hair Transformations

Blake Lively is no longer a blonde! In celebration, we've chosen some of the best celebrity hair transformations that will inspire you to head straight to the salon chair.

Is gluten free a myth?

Up to 10% of Australians avoid it, but scientists have only recently started uncovering the truth about gluten

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