Fashion Flashback: Most Outrageous MTV VMA Red Carpet Looks

Here are the red carpet looks that turned heads at the MTV VMAs for all the wrong reasons.

Proof that Kris Jenner is Friends with Everyone

Forget Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon – it appears everyone, including Jennifer Lawrence, Miley Cyrus and Drake, is connected to the Kardashian matriarch by just a few degrees of friendship

Fast Ed takes the 15-minute challenge

If time isn’t on your side then you’ll just love this cooking challenge as Ed whips up three luxurious yet thrifty recipes that take less than 15 minutes each to create.

October 2015 pattern sheet: Marquee Lighting

Shopping around for show-stopping lights? Take your lead from the main strips of Vegas and Broadway, baby! Marquee lighting is a great way to add instant style cred to your home. Hit the shops to …

October 2015 pattern sheet: Fabric printing

Whether it’s fabric to be used for upholstery or plain cushion covers, this pattern sheet takes you through all you need to know to print images on fabric using Lumi Inkodye products.

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