MAFS' Claire makes shock exit after Jesse's cruel act: 'F**king done'

The Married At First Sight relationship is already on the rocks.

MAFS viewers were horrified on Tuesday night when Jesse Burford told his new ‘wife’ Claire Normarhas off for being “too loud”. The polarising groom, who proudly shared his long list of turnoffs, has been outspoken about Claire’s bubbly personality.

The pair’s honeymoon didn’t get off to a great start, with Claire choosing to spend time apart from Jesse during their first day in the Whitsundays. During Thursday's episode, Jesse attempted to be vulnerable with his bride, explaining he was worried about not being perceived as ‘manly’ enough for her.

L:  Honesty box. R: MAFS Claire crying
MAFS' Jesse upset Claire with his scathing impression. Photo: Nine

Although the pair seemed to have resolved some of their issues, the arrival of the famous honesty box during dinner caused Jesse to reveal "star sign chicks" is a huge "ick". His 31-year-old bride was taken aback by this comment, as she believes passionately in star signs and the healing powers of crystals.

Claire attempted to open Jesse’s mind and get him to stop dismissing women based on their beliefs or hobbies, something he had no interest in doing.

While the kindergarten teacher showed tremendous patience with her ‘husband’, one particular question caused a massive blowup between the pair and resulted in Claire’s shock exit.


“Based on what you know about me so far, what is my most endearing and most annoying trait?” Claire asked.

Instead of starting off with the traits he liked about Claire the most, the 30-year-old marriage celebrant started with what he found “annoying”.

“It’s the random comments on everything,” he said before Claire prompted him for examples.

Claire and Jesse on MAFS
Claire tried to push Jesse to become more open-minded. Photo: Nine

Putting on a higher voice to imitate Claire, the groom started to rattle off a list of things she said when they arrived on their honeymoon.

“Oh my god, look at that boat! Oh my god, look at the sand! Oh my god, look at the sun! It just illuminates the sand, it becomes so bright! Oh my god, look at the water! Oh my god, amazing!” he said.

Claire was clearly upset by his horrible demeanour, and told him he wasn’t ‘her person’. In a moment that will please MAFS fans, she took a swig of champagne before storming off.

“I’m f**king done here,” she spat out, before getting back to their shared room. After spending some time sobbing in the bathroom, Claire decided to pack her things and leave.

L: Claire leaving their honeymoon. R: Jesse looking upset
Claire refused to be in the same room with Jesse and moved out. Photo: Nine

“He’s just close-minded. That really hurts my feelings. I think that [he’s] not a nice person to [say] that. I don’t want to stay in this room with him, and I want to go home,” she told producers.

Fans on Twitter have been firmly team Claire, with many hoping she leaves him for good.

“If Claire loses any sliver of confidence because of this beast, I will hunt Jesse down and bully him to the ends of the earth,” one person wrote.


“I’m convinced that the ‘experts’ could have paired Jesse with an actual robot and he’d still somehow find something about it that annoys him,” another added.

“I feel like Harrison and Jesse are trying to compete for most hated groom of the season,” a third chimed in.

“Jesse if you have such a long list of women you don’t like…maybe you just don’t like women…and maybe you are the problem,” another pointed out.

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