MAFS’ Janelle reveals couple’s X-rated secret: ‘Couldn’t sit’

The Married At First Sight star shared the behind-the-scenes secret about a fan favourite couple.

MAFS star Janelle Han has revealed an X-rated moment that happened behind-the-scenes involving fan favourite couple Ollie Skelton and Tahnee Cook.

During an appearance on Pedestrian's We've Done the MAFS podcast, the reality star shared a story from the experiment, revealing Tahnee once came to her for help.

MAFS' Janelle
MAFS' Janelle has revealed a behind-the-scenes X-rated moment that involved a fan favourite couple. Photo: Nine

"I'm sorry for throwing them under the bus for this, but one time in the experiment, Tahnee had to come into my room and say, 'Do you have a drug for back pain?' She was like, 'I've got shagger's back!'" she said, adding, "I'm sorry Ollie and Tahnee!"

Janelle continued, "Tahnee literally couldn't sit, because her back was sore from all the f***king!"


"Wow, she looks like a fit gal too," host Chantelle Schmidt responded, with Janelle adding, "She is!"

"She was like, 'Please can I have some Voltaren,' and I'm like, 'Take it!" the reality star said with a laugh.

MAFS' Tahnee and Ollie
Tahnee and Ollie had a very good time on the show according to Janelle. Photo: Nine

"How often do you guys get to have sex?" co-host Jules Rangiheuea questioned the star. "Like how many hours are free in the day without being on camera?"

"You do get quite a lot of free time, definitely," Janelle said. "There's plenty of time to f**k!"

Ollie and Tahnee move in together

Tahnee and Ollie in Bondi
Tahnee and Ollie were spotted together in Bondi last week with sources revealing they are now living together. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

It comes after Yahoo Lifestyle revealed this week that Tahnee and Ollie have continued their relationship after the show and have since moved in together.

The pair were photographed last week in Sydney's Bondi holding hands and enjoying a quick kiss.

A source tells us that Ollie, who lived in Perth before filming MAFS, has recently moved in with Tahnee in Bondi.

“Once filming wrapped in December, Ollie never really returned to Perth and has been living with Tahnee ever since,” the insider claims.

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