MAFS fans devastated for 'fragile' Josh after new promo: 'Broken'

Married At First Sight's Josh White and Melissa Sheppard are on the rocks.

MAFS couple Melissa Sheppard and Josh White have been clashing since they moved into SKYE Suites, with the self-proclaimed “freak in the sheets” putting an extreme emphasis on intimacy. The 41-year-old left her ex-husband several years ago after refusing to continue in a "sexless marriage".

Her ‘husband’ Josh is more conservative and has addressed his dislike for being treated as a ‘sex toy’, with the show’s intimacy week causing their relationship to fracture further. After Melissa accused Josh of ‘not knowing how to love’, the 40-year-old single father has seemingly had enough.

L: MAFS' Josh White looks concerned. R: MAFS' Melissa arguing
Fans have shared concern for MAFS' Josh White and his toxic 'marriage'. Photo: Nine

After Wednesday night’s episode, fans quickly took to social media to discuss the promos for Sunday’s commitment ceremony.

Josh has been hinting throughout the week that his heart is no longer in the experiment, and shots of him on the couch has caused fans to worry about his wellbeing.


“I adore him, he’s so broken I just wanna hug him through the TV,” one person wrote.

“Omg I nearly cried at just the previews for Sunday night with Josh,” another agreed.

L: MAFS Josh and Melissa kiss at their wedding. R: MAFS Melissa on her wedding day
The pair had an instant connection but have struggled after moving in together. Photo: Supplied

“It looks like it’s going to be very emotional for poor Josh at the commitment ceremony,” a third chimed in.

"I know right, I will want to jump into the TV and hug him, he's so cute but fragile now from her treatment," another added.

“Are they going to eliminate a contestant? That’s something they’ve never done before,” a fan mused.

According to So Dramatic!, Josh starts crying during the commitment ceremony, after being “pressured and overwhelmed” by his ‘wife’.

“Josh uncontrollably breaks down and says Melissa is a monster,” a source told the publication. “He calls her controlling and says he only wants him as a sex object. It’s very dramatic and intense.”

MAFS' Josh and Melissa arguing on their couch
Josh and Melissa keep getting into heated arguments. Photo: Nine

This comes after Melissa has been tipped as the next MAFS star to join the adult subscription-based platform OnlyFans.

A source told Yahoo Lifestyle that the 41-year-old is “devastated” by her portrayal as “a horny old woman”, but many are telling her she could turn it into a lucrative career.

“A lot of them are talking about the idea of her joining OnlyFans and how much money she could make,” an insider said. “She wouldn't even have to do anything explicit. People can make a killing from lingerie and bikini pics.


“Right now Melissa just wants the show to hurry up and end so she can return to normal life, but down the track, she might try to profit from it once the dust has settled.”

Meanwhile, when asked about the possibility of Melissa joining OnlyFans, season nine bride Olivia Frazer told Yahoo Lifestyle she “definitely should”.

“I’d be happy to give her some advice on getting set up,” she claimed, joking that they could even do a lingerie shoot together.

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