Proof MAFS' Shannon reunited with his ex after filming the show

Shannon admitted during Confessions Week that he was still in love with his ex.

Across all 10 seasons of Married At First Sight Australia, it’s fair to say that there’s never been a groom quite like Shannon Adams.

The 30-year-old personal trainer has barely been in the experiment for three weeks and yet he’s already confessed to his ‘wife’ Caitlin McConville that he’s still in love with his ex-fiancée who he shares a daughter with.

MAFS' Shannon Adams.
Shannon Adams is one of the most controversial grooms on this year’s season of MAFS. Photo: Channel Nine

To make matters worse, he brutally told Caitlin during Intimacy Week that he didn't find her attractive and blamed her appearance for the fact he hadn’t ended things with his ex.

Now, photos have emerged proving that Shannon has since reunited with his former flame Jamea after filming the reality show last year.

Snaps from Jamea’s Instagram, which have since been deleted, show that she and Shannon spent New Year’s Eve together with their friends at a club.

“Messy night to start 2023,” she captioned the post.


A source tells Yahoo Lifestyle that Shannon remained in touch with Jamea “the whole time he was on the show” and it’s no surprise they’ve since reunited.

“Shannon only went on the show to make his ex jealous,” the insider claims.

“They have been on again and off again for years and he figured going on national TV to find love would win her back.”

Shannon and his ex-fiancée Jamea.
Shannon and his ex-fiancée Jamea spent New Year’s Eve together. Photos: Supplied

Shannon’s ex speaks out

This comes after Jamea shared a lengthy post in a MAFS Facebook group begging viewers to leave her family alone amidst the on-screen drama.

“I am the ex, I am in this group and have been a few years. (was a MAFS lover, defs not my year),” she wrote, according to So Dramatic!.

“You can all continue to comment about the people who [are] ON THE show, god I don’t care what you say about Shannon either [as] he signed up for it and put himself there. But PLEASE leave me out of the negativity.

“I DID NOT sign up on the show, I didn’t go on and I am literally collateral damage. I have NO benefit in being in the media or put there, and truthfully not my cup of tea I could not give a hoot about my followers or socials.”

She went on to assert that she is “a person with real feelings” and her life is already stressful as it is without the added chaos.

“This is my REAL life and not a show,” she continued. “But please remember me and my daughter are innocent, Shan and I have 7 years and a kid and lots of stuff happens behind the scenes/before and after. Please keep everything in mind.

“I’m going to take a huge step back from social media (well trying to) as I am literally terrified of this whole situation! I’m a sensitive soul who has so so much empathy.”

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