MAFS set to explode after bombshell cheating scandal: 'Crazy'

Married At First Sight's newest cheating scandal comes to light this week.

MAFS has only been on Aussie screens for a week, but it will come as no surprise to fans that there’s a cheating scandal about to unfold. Claire Nomarhas, who has had a rocky relationship with ‘husband’ Jesse Burford, was reportedly caught cheating on him with fellow groom Adam Seed.

Adam currently seems happy with his bride Janelle Han, but their marriage was full of tension on their wedding day. The entrepreneur, 35, lashed out at the beauty influencer when pressured to disclose his earnings and explain his career.

L: Jesse Burford on MAFS. R: Jesse and Claire tie the knot on MAFS
A cheating scandal is about to unfold on MAFS. Photo: Nine

According to the Daily Mail, Claire and Adam shared a kiss at a pub while on a night out with the other participants.

“Claire and Adam were all over each other the whole night, so it wasn’t surprising to be honest,” the source claimed. “They said they were just going out for a vape. She and Jesse were pretty much done by this point.”


The source adds that Jesse was suspicious of Claire and Adam’s hidden relationship, something that the pair continued to deny.

“Jesse had suspicions that Claire and Adam were secretly seeing each other and was fixated on trying to expose him,” the insider shared.

However, the kiss is believed to be just a "drunken kiss" and Claire was apparently "pressured" by Adam to keep their tryst secret.

Janelle and Adam in the water on MAFS
Janelle and Adam seemed to work through their differences on their honeymoon. Photo: Nine

According to one participant, everything came to a head when Jesse furiously berated Adam about the rumoured indiscretion.

“Jesse was in his room alone and Claire eventually came home and she was on the phone. She had it on loudspeaker because she thought Jesse would still be out at the pub,” the contestant told So Dramatic!


After Jesse suspected that Claire was speaking to Adam, he immediately went to confront the groom, describing him as a "snake".

“Jesse was yelling, ‘Who were you on the phone with’, over and over,” the contestant claimed, before producers separated the pair and sent Jesse to a room of his own.

L: Adam Seed from MAFS. R: Claire Nomarhas from MAFS
Adam and Claire were spotted sharing an intimate moment. Photo: Instagram/adam_seed13 & cforclaire_

Jesse gets ‘gaslit’ by Claire and Adam

Reportedly, Claire and Adam make Jesse look ‘crazy’ before the truth is revealed.

“Jesse and Claire had a meeting about it during which Claire told Jesse his behaviour was unacceptable and gaslit him,” an insider told So Dramatic! “Adam laughed it off, denied it, and made Jesse look crazy.”

“Everyone turned on Jesse because of it…which made the whole thing so much worse.”

The publication adds that the cheating scandal only surfaces due to contestant Lyndall Grace seeing the pair kissing that night.

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