MAFS' Caitlin spotted having 'tense chat' with producer before dinner party

Caitlin and Shannon's relationship is currently on the rocks.

Following a dramatic end to Intimacy Week, Married At First Sight's Caitlin McConville was spotted having a 'tense chat' with a producer before filming Wednesday night’s dinner party.

Photos obtained by Yahoo Lifestyle show the 27-year-old bride arriving by herself at the event, which was filmed back in September, and hesitating about stepping foot on set.

MAFS’ Caitlin arriving at the dinner party/
MAFS’ Caitlin was spotted having a ‘tense chat’ with a producer before walking into the dinner party. Photos: Supplied/Matrix

A source tells Yahoo Lifestyle: “Caitlin was so humiliated by this point after everything Shannon had done and just wanted to leave the experiment.

“Producers really had to convince her to head upstairs and confront him in front of the whole group.”


Meanwhile, other photos show Shannon arriving at the dinner party looking less tense with a smile on his face while getting mic'd up downstairs.

All of the other couples were also snapped arriving together, including Bronte Schofield and Harrison Boon who have had a tumultuous relationship since their wedding.

MAFS’ Shannon arriving at the dinner party.
Shannon arrived at the dinner party with a smile on his face. Photos: Supplied/Matrix

Shannon’s brutal move

This comes after Shannon brutally admitted to Caitlin during Tuesday night’s episode that he didn't find her attractive and blamed her appearance for the fact he hadn’t ended things with his ex.

“You are a good-looking girl, but just not in my eyes,” he said following an eye-gazing task as part of Intimacy Week. “'I thought you were going to come down that aisle and completely blow me away.

“Honestly, those things that I was saying about my ex, I wouldn’t have even contemplated saying that. I would’ve just cut it, completely forgot it. That stuff shouldn’t have been an issue.”

Caitlin was understandably distraught by her partner’s admission and sobbed uncontrollably when speaking with producers.

“That whole conversation was just about how I’m not good enough,” she said through tears. “How if I had walked down that aisle and blown him away, none of that stuff with his ex would’ve happened. Like it was all my fault.

“I’ve done nothing but support him and tell him it’s okay and tell him he deserves to be here and have his back.

“I came here because I wanted to find love and I wanted someone to love me.”

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