The Block winners Mitch and Mark crowned after emotional finale

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It's been one of the most drama-filled and controversial seasons of The Block ever but in the end Mitch and Mark were crowned the winners of this season of 'Fans v Faves'.

Despite incredibly high reserve prices the five beautifully renovated homes went under the hammer and Mitch and Mark walked away with over $644,000 profit, taking out the win and the extra $100,000 in prize money.

the block winners 2021 mitch and mark
Mitch and Mark won The Block 2021. Photo: Channel Nine

The grand finale was the first time the Blockheads – Faves Ronnie and Georgia (WA), Mitch and Mark (NSW), and Fans Tanya and Vito (Vic), Josh and Luke (NSW) and Kirsty and Jesse (NSW) – were in the same room after a tumultuous season dogged by the infamous photo cheating scandal.

Ronnie and Georgia won the most room reveals (five), and earned the power to decide the auction order. In the end they decided to go first, followed by Mitch and Mark, Tanya and Vito, Josh and Luke, leaving Kirsty and Jesse's huge home to go last.


the block winner crowned
The drama-filled 2021 season of The Block has come to an end. Photo: Channel 9

Mitch and Mark crowned The Block 2021 winners

Reserve $3.4M

Sold $4.044,444 - Profit $644,444

Season 15’s returning contestants Mitch and Mark made the most profit on auction day, and were crowned the winners of The Block 2021.

"This is lifechanging," an emotional Mark said after their family sanctuary home sold for just over $4.04M, earning them a profit of $644K.

The pair had already finished on a high after taking out the final win of the season for their front garden and facade.

The seasoned renovators clashed with the judges a few times during the season, called the judging a "pi**take", and claiming they felt "picked on" and "bullied".

They even threatened to quit the show because of it early on. According to New Idea, a producer ended up having to convince Mitch and Mark to stay at the time.

But things came full circle in the end with Shaynna Blaze admitting she finally understood the vision they had for their home.

the block winners mitch and mark
Mitch and Mark have taken home over $744K. Photo: Channel Nine
the block favourites Mitch and Mark
Mitch and Mark won the final room reveal. Photo: Channel 9

Here is how the rest of the teams faired during The Block 2021:

Luke and Josh - $3.4M

Sold: $3.93 - Profit: $530,000

One of two teams at the centre of the season's cheating scandal, Luke and Josh certainly ruffled some feathers throughout the show.

Despite the ups and downs, their modern four-bedroom property received 396,431 views on its Domain listing ahead of the auction, trailing closely behind Ronnie and Georgias, and Betting odds list Love Island twins Josh and Luke in third place. But they went one better and walked away with the second highest profit, pocketing $530K.

Luke and Josh won master bedroom week after seeing a photo of the secret production schedule, which allowed them to plan ahead. They chose to ignore the original plans and relocate their master bedroom to where the double garage was originally slated to go.

Once word of the leaked schedule reached hosts Scotty Cam and Shelley Craft, it was decided that the entire schedule would be reshuffled to put all contestants back on a level playing field, and the twins, along with Tanya and Vito lost 2 points during the Week 3 judging.

They'd been called out for 'bending the rules' throughout the season after Luke's fiancé appeared to help them with their styling on multiple occasions, and they also spent a night off-site during the first week when they weren't.

the block twins luke and josh
Luke and Josh had many highs and lows on The Block. Photo: Channel 9

Tanya and Vito - $3.4M

Sold: $3.8M - Profit: $400,000

Renovation newbies Tanya and Vito were potentially the biggest surprise of the night. Without a doubt it's been a rollercoaster season for the couple, who only walked away with one room win in the end - which they shared with Ronnie and Georgia.

They were at long odds to take out the win, according to both Domain data and betting agencies before the finale, but managed to bag $400K in profit.

While they didn't win, they will certainly be remembered as the most controversial contestants on the 2021 season.

The couple regularly clashed with camera crew and producers on the show, and also revealed they received death threats in the wake of the cheating scandal.

In the end, Tanya also came clean admitting she was the one who took the photo of the production schedule at the beginning of the season.

Luke and Josh revealed during the final episode who took the photo, with Josh saying: "[Tanya] said, 'I want to take a photo. Will you come and be basically on guard for me when I take the photo?' I said, yeah, of course I am happy to do that. So Tanya went in there, took the photos, and then she ended up sending them to Luke."

the block tanya and vito
Tanya and Vito were mixed up in all the drama. Photo: Channel Nine

Kirsty and Jesse - $4.1M

Sold: $4.401 - Profit: $301K

Betting agency Sportsbet had put Kirsty and Jesse in the top spot ahead of the finale, but with a huge reserve of $4.1M it was going to be hard ask for the country pair.

But despite a slow start during the auction, the husband and wife duo, who applied to be on the reality TV show since 2012, still managed to make just over $300K in profit.

The pair were recently devastated by a family tragedy when Kirsty received a call from her mum that her grandmother had passed away. They by far had the most work to do all season with the biggest house, and somehow avoided most of the controversy caused by some of the other contestants.

Though Kirsty did share her thoughts on the cheating scandal when she performed the Hank Williams tune called 'Cheatin' Heart' for the rest of the contestants.

the block Kirsty and Jesse
Kirsty and Jesse had the biggest house to complete. Photo: Channel 9

Ronnie and Georgia - Reserve $3.4M

Sold for $3.696M - Profit: $296,000

Ronnie and Georgia’s classic contemporary property had received the most online views on the Domain website before the auction after going live in August, attracting 546,112 clicks.

In the end though it seemed the auction order may have been what cost them the win. While they made their reserve price, they walked away with the least amount of profit of the five teams, but still pocketed a cool $296K.

“The numbers [of views] are a reflection of their creativity and skill, as well as a consequence of COVID with property inspections by appointment only,” the couple’s listing agent, Belle Property principal director Jenny Dwyer, earlier this week.

The married couple, who work as professional renovators, finished the season atop the Super Power Leader Board with 331.5 points after winning five of the twelve room reveals.

Their four-bedroom house features an expansive living and dining zone, soaring ceilings and a hi-tech basement cinema.

the block ronnie and georgia
Favourites Ronnie and Georgia took out the most wins of the season. Photo: Instagram/ronnieandgeorgia

Since premiering on Channel Nine in 2003, The Block, Australia’s richest reality program, has awarded a total of $26,499,503 in prize money across 16 seasons.

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