The Block's Scott Cam reveals he knows who took the photo that sparked scandal

As viewers of The Block eagerly await Sunday's 'judgement day' after the 'biggest cheating scandal' ever rocked the renovation show this week, host Scott Cam has revealed he knows who took the now infamous photo that started it all.

So far, the twins Luke and Josh admitted to having seen the photo and using it to secure their win in Master Bedroom week, with Tanya emerging as the original source. Though she has since apologised for her part in the scandal, she remained adamant she received the image from an anonymous tradie.

the block host scott cam
Scott Cam knows what's going on. Photo: Channel 9

Scott Cam spoke to Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon on the Today show after things reached boiling point on the show this week, calling the whole saga 'unbelievable'.

"There's a lot of money at stake on The Block and it's got to be a fair game. I was so disappointed and angry when this came out," he said, before revealing he knew where it all started.

"Someone took the photo. I know who took the photo, of course."


today show interview with scott cam
The Block host spoke on the Today show this week. Photo: Channel Nine

Though that was all he gave away, he did go on to say the "denials are just everywhere".

"I think that people knew about the photo but didn't utilise the photo. I know that Ronnie and Georgia came in with information about the photo. They haven't taken advantage of that," the TV presenter added.

"The twins certainly did, and someone else did that took the photo itself. The denials and showing the character of the person is coming up."

Ronnie and Georgia were the first to call out Luke and Josh after their Master Bedroom win, claiming the only reason the boys rushed plans through council to switch their garage around, was because they knew the schedule thanks to the photo leak.

And they have since confirmed they showed producers the photo in week one of the competition.

"To clarify - yes, we saw the photo of the production board in Week One for about 3 seconds & informed producers what had just happened literally 5 minutes later," they wrote in statement on their Instagram stories this week.

the block stars tanya and luke
Tanya and Luke sat down for an interview with producers. Photo: Channel Nine

Meanwhile, Tanya decided to sit down for an interview with producers to reveal "my truth", where she explained the image had been sent to her anonymously, before she passed it on to Luke.

But at the end of the episode, hidden camera footage from the site's break room showed Tanya and Vito seemingly 'preparing their story'.

"I’m going to tell the camera what happened about the tradie sending me the photo," Tanya can be heard saying, before she contradicts some of the 'facts' she had told producers.

"You’ve got to always have the same consistent story...," she added in a whisper.

Judgements are set to be handed down during Sunday night's episode, with the trailer showing Scott say: "I've been asked by many that a penalty be levied… I've thought long and hard about this and I've come to a decision."

The Block continues on Channel Nine on Sunday night at 7pm and on 9Now.

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