The Block fans call for Luke and Josh to be 'kicked off' show

Twins Luke and Josh Packham have found themselves in hot water time and time again on The Block already, but it seems as the 'biggest cheating scandal' continues to unfold, viewers have finally had enough.

It was revealed on Monday night that Luke and Josh used a stolen photo of the production schedule to secure their Master Bedroom week win, and fans have lashed out on social media demanding the pair be "kicked off" the show.

the block josh and luke
Fans have called out the boys for cheating .. again. Photo: Instagram/Channel Nine

Fellow Blockheads Ronnie and Georgia were the first to call out the twins after their win, claiming the only reason the boys rushed plans through council to switch their garage around, was because they knew the schedule thanks to the leak.

The boys admitted to the photo's existence, but defended themselves by saying, "everyone cheated".

A furious Scott Cam then called Ronnie, Georgia, Luke and Josh into his office where the schedule was promptly scrapped.

"Take a really good look at it right now because here it is for one minute and now, it’s gone," he said, before rubbing out the whiteboard. "There is going to be no schedule. It’s all changed from here."


Given the boys had already been called out in week one for having their tradies help paint their room, were then busted spending a night at a hotel instead of in tents onsite, and had a little help styling their winning room from Luke's fiancée, it seems viewers have had enough.

"OMG the twins cheating is so frustrating! Having the girlfriend styling is bad enough, but they stole the production schedule?! Kick them off!" one person raved on Twitter.

the block Scott Cam with Ronnie, Georgia, Luke and Josh
Scott Cam then called Ronnie, Georgia, Luke and Josh into his office. Photo: Channel Nine

"If the twins don't get punished for this cheating… I mean this is the third time now they've broken the rules," another person said.

Another called it 'pathetic', writing: "Another cheating scandal on #theblock that they'll get away with. I hope there's punishment for the boys and their win is rescinded, as this is the third time this season they've broken the rules."

Luke and Josh addressed rumours that they were at the centre of the 'cheating scandal' earlier this week and hit back at accusations.

"I just find it very interesting the timing that Ronnie's decided to come forward with that," he said in a chat with HIT Queensland’s Breakfast with Cliffo & Gabi. "It seemed like he's a bit sour."

"People in glass houses shouldn’t be throwing stones," they added, confirming the suspicions they aren't the only ones involved.

Who took the actual photo of the schedule is yet to be revealed.

The Block continues at 7:30pm tonight on Channel Nine and 9Now.

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