The Block couple hit with 'devastating' news: 'Out of the blue'

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While The Block contestants work on their houses, they're away from their friends and family for some time, so when something happens back home it can be especially heartbreaking to be away from them.

On Tuesday night's episode of the show, Kirsty and Jesse received the 'devastating' news her grandmother had passed away.

The Block's Kirsty and Jesse embrace as she hears her grandmother passed away
The Block's Kirsty and Jesse received some heartbreaking news while filming with Kirsty learning her grandmother had died. Photo: Nine

Kirsty answered a phone call with a casual "hi", but instantly broke down in tears after hearing the news her beloved grandmother had died.

Jesse, who hadn't heard what had been said on the phone, looked on helplessly as Kirsty buried her face into his chest.


"You alright darling? What's wrong? What's happened darling?" he asked her as he held her and kissed her head.

"Nan died," she eventually responded.

The Block's Kirsty and Jesse tear up
The Block's Kirsty and Jesse were devastated by the loss. Photo: Nine
Kirsty speaks to the camera
Kirsty said she'd recently spoken to her grandma who assured her she'd be fine and that they shouldn't come home. Photo: Nine

Later, in an interview with the cameras, Kirsty shared, "I got the phone call from my mum to say that my nan had passed away."

"It's just really hard to hear that she's finally gone. I didn't get to say goodby to her."

She added that she'd had recently spoken to her nan and she had reassured the couple not to come home and that she'd "hang in there" and wait for them to come home.

"It was just out of the blue this morning," Jesse added.

"I just wanted to be able to see her," Kirsty said through tears.

The Block's Mark
Mark shared with the camera that he would be helping the couple out as much as he could while they were gone. Photo: Nine

As the news made its way through the rest of The Block's contestants and tradies, people began chipping in while the couple took some time to visit family.

Mark was tearing up himself as he told the cameras he wanted to help the couple as much as he could while they were gone, "Kirsty and Jesse are such good people and they're working so hard. And they've done such amazing stuff."

"They're genuinely the most beautiful people," he added.

Ronnie also helped the couple's tradies, saying he knew Jesse would do the same thing if the roles were reversed.

"It's the least we can do," he said, adding everyone would give the couple a few hours of their day to help.

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