The Block's Luke and Josh reveal who took THE photo

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During the explosive Grand Finale of The Block Fans v Faves, contestants Luke and Josh Packham finally revealed the truth behind the infamous photo cheating scandal that has plagued the season.

In their final sit-down interviews with producers before leaving their completed houses for the final time, the Love Island twins decided it was "time to share the truth".

the block twins luke and josh
Luke and Josh revealed who took the photo during the finale. Photo: Channel Nine

Despite Tanya and Luke having previously claimed the leaked photo of The Block's original production schedule was taken by an unknown tradie and sent to Tanya, it was Josh who explained that wasn't what happened.

"We have one last thing we would like to get off our chest... And that is the cheating scandal. Obviously we know the truth and we haven't been saying the truth, so we feel now is the time to say it," he said, before revealing the snap was taken when the teams were filming the promos for the show.

He said the production office was in the same building as the bathrooms and he saw the schedule on the wall when he went to use the toilet.


"Yes, Josh and I both went into the production office during the photo shoot and we did actually visually see the schedule," Luke added.

Josh then said Tanya approached him around 45 minutes later asking if he had seen the board and the schedule.

the block tanya and vito
Tanya remained adamant throughout the season she did not take it. Photo: Channel Nine

"She said, 'I want to take a photo. Will you come and be basically on guard for me when I take the photo?' I said, yeah, of course I am happy to do that. So Tanya went in there, took the photos, and then she ended up sending them to Luke," Josh added.

The twins confession came moments after Tanya had again adamantly denied actually taking the photo herself, even producing a screenshot of a text message exchange with a 'tradie', though she tripped up when producers asked her for the date of the text.

Josh concluded that they didn't come forward earlier as they didn't want to cause any "friction" with their neighbours, which would have potentially made their journey more difficult.

Tanya admits to taking the photo of the production schedule

When the Blockheads then reunited months after filming for the auctions, Tanya finally came clean about the scandal herself.

In footage filmed in the car as they drove to meet the other couples, Tanya said: "I wish they told me that that's what they were going to do because I would have said the truth as well.

"It would have been nice to have been given the heads up."

tanya cries on The Block
Tanya finally admitted she took the photo. Photo: Channel Nine

In an interview with the producers she then added: "What I want to say is that obviously I take full responsibility for this situation and I'm sorry, I'm truly sorry."

She was then asked one more time: "Did you take the photograph?" to which she replied: "Yes."

Tanya became emotional as she reunited with the other contestants, with Georgie saying sympathetically: "I feel sad for them because it's ruined their experience."

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