The Block: Tanya and Vito cop 'death threats' amid cheating scandal

The Block couple Tanya and Vito have revealed that they've received death threats in the wake of the cheating scandal that's gripped the show for the past fortnight.

The pair made the admission during a chat with Nova's Fitzy & Wippa on Tuesday morning, saying that they've been hit with 'abusive comments and emails' from angry viewers.

The Block contestants Tanya and Vito are interviewed by Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa. Photo: Nova.
The Block contestants Tanya and Vito say they've received death threats amid the ongoing cheating scandal. Photo: Nova.

Block death threats

The cheating scandal kicked off on The Block last week when twins Luke and Josh won the master bedroom challenge after seeing a photo of the secret production schedule which allowed them to plan ahead.

While the identity of the person who slipped into the production office and took the photo is still up for debate — though host Scotty Cam says he knows — Tanya and Vito have admitted to circulating the image to other contestants.

Tanya has since apologised for her part in the scandal, however, she remains adamant she received the image from an anonymous tradie. That hasn't stopped outraged viewers — and fellow contestants — from expressing their anger at the sneaky tactic.

But it seems as though some fans have taken things to the next level by sending Tanya and Vito alarming threats of violence online.


The Block's Luke and Josh Packham respond to cheating accusations. Photo: Channel Nine.
The Block's Luke and Josh Packham are also wrapped up in the scandal involving a leaked photo of the show's production schedule. Photo: Channel Nine.

"Obviously we're doing our best to stay offline but there has been people that have been… there's been death threats," Tanya told Fitzy and Wippa on a video call.

"You're kidding me! What are they?" Wippa asked.

"Oh, 'If I find you on the street, you better watch your back'," Tanya quoted in reply.

"People have called Vito’s business and called my agent because I'm a makeup artist and they’ve called my agent and left them abusive, abusive comments and emails.

"So it's just... you know what, people are angry at the moment. They're really upset, it’s an audience that are not happy in their lives and are in lockdown. And they take it out on me."

Elsewhere in the chat, Wippa pointed out that the couple's participation in the reality TV program and the public's response can affect their lives and careers moving forward.

The Block Hosts Scott Cam and Shelley Craft
Hosts Scott Cam and Shelley Craft were furious after finding out about the leaked photo. Photo: Channel Nine.

"100 percent," Tanya replied. "My biggest concern the whole time was, 'Hold on guys, it's all fun and games but this can really affect us on the outside.' People don't realise that."

She compared the way the couple's involvement in the scandal has been portrayed on the show to a dramatic '60 Minutes promo'.

Behind the cheating scandal

Tanya and Vito also shed some more light on that fateful day during the promo shoot that the controversial photo was taken.

According to Tanya, the production office that contained a whiteboard with the schedule on it was centrally located and easily accessible to all cast and crew.

"Is it fair to say where the schedule was with the production booth or the little caravan that they had? Is it easy to see for everybody was it right next to the toilets? I heard and everyone could walk past and if you stuck your head in it was actually really easy to see what was coming up?" Fitzy asked.

"Yeah, it was in a bit of a common place where a few people ducked in to use the bathroom because they hadn't set up the tea room bathrooms yet," she replied.

Tanya added that contrary to rumours, there was 'definitely no breaking in' required to access the office.

When asked if there was more to the cheating scandal to unfold in upcoming episodes, Tanya said 'definitely'.

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