The Block called out for 'bulls**t' cheating penalty: 'Not enough!'

The Block contestants finally saw host Scott Cam reveal the punishment for the two teams involved in the recent cheating scandal, but it wasn't harsh enough, according to some.

While fans called for the contestants to be disqualified, Scott ended up choosing to have two points taken off Luke and Josh and Tanya and Vito's rooms for the basement challenge.

The Block's Scott Cam
The Block contestants and fans finally saw the penalty for the two teams who cheated last week, with many shocked at how lightly they got off. Photo: Nine

It comes after a dramatic week where Luke and Josh won the master bedroom challenge after seeing a photo of the secret production schedule, allowing them to plan ahead.

"I thought long and hard about this and I’ve come to a decision," Scott told the teams. "I will be deducting two points from each of your scores tonight, effectively ruling you out of this week’s room."


He added, "This will also give some of the others a head start on the domain leaderboard to choose the auction order at the end of the series."

Ronnie made it clear he wasn't on board with the penalty, telling producers, "I think it’s flat out bullsh*t – two points is not enough."

The Block's Luke and Josh
Fans called for the contestants to be disqualified, but Scott chose to instead deduct two points from Luke and Josh and Tanya and Vito. Photo: Nine

"All their points should have been stripped and all the money should have been given back."

Mitch previously told Nova's Fitzy and Wippa last week he thought the teams "got off pretty lightly".

"We were kinda surprised at how lightly they got off," he added.

"Ultimately (their house) has gotta go to auction," Mark said.

Kirsty and Jesse, who won the week with their vintage Hollywood-inspired home theatre, said the two points gave them an advantage.

The judges were left unimpressed with the twins' room this week with Neil describing it as "down-market" and comparing it to a "Bach pad".

Shaynna was even less impressed saying, "It feels cheap and nasty. It’s crap. Absolute crap, I’m just shocked."

The Block's Tanya and Vito
Tanya and Vito, who have admitted to circulating the production schedule photo, scored 25.5 in the end. Photo: Nine

Unsurprisingly, the boys disagreed with the feedback with Luke saying, "I think it’s a great cinema room, we really enjoy it. It’s all about taste."

With the two-point deduction, they earned themselves just 19 points.

Tanya and Vito, who have admitted to circulating the production schedule photo, scored 25.5 in the end.

Fans of the show were just as unimpressed as the contestants when they heard the penalty.

"Whaaaaa... 2 points is NOTHING!!!! Fckn joke," one user Tweeted.

"Lamest. Penalty. Ever," another wrote.

"Should have been -10 points," someone else added.

Others didn't believe Kirsty and Jesse's room was more impressive than Ronnie and Georgia's.

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