The Block fans feel 'let down' amid cheating scandal: 'No payback'

Fans of The Block were left feeling 'let down' after a promo for Monday night's episode promised repercussions for those contestants involved in the ongoing cheating scandal.

"This is payback day," the promo declared, prompting viewers to anticipate some form of comeuppance for the likes of Tanya and Vito and Luke and Josh who were linked to the production schedule leak several weeks ago.

The Block contestants Luke and Josh Packham. Photo: Channel 9.
Twins Luke and Josh say the cheating scandal is 'water under the bridge'. Photo: Channel 9.

Cheating scandal rolls on

While they deny taking the infamous photo of the confidential production schedule, Tanya and Vito have admitted to distributing it among their fellow castmates.

This insider info gave Love Island twins Luke and Josh a huge advantage when planning for their master bedroom makeover which ultimately scooped them the win.

Once word of the leaked schedule reached hosts Scotty Cam and Shelley Craft, it was decided that the entire schedule would be reshuffled to put all contestants back on a level playing field.


But re-jigging the schedule came with a huge drawback heading into the bedroom makeovers, as Scotty explained to the teams in Monday night's episode.

"We've got a major dilemma throughout the entire Block because of the schedule change and moving it all around.

"It's making it very difficult for our suppliers, our sponsors. There might not be wardrobes, Kinsman can't promise," he revealed.

The Block host Scott Cam speaks with contestant Georgia. Photo: Channel 9.
Georgia suggests the 'cheaters' miss out on wardrobes as punishment. Photo: Channel 9.

Kinsman, the company that supplies the wardrobes, weren't able to keep up with the last-minute schedule change, forcing contestants to draw up their own designs and cover the cost themselves.

The news put all teams at a disadvantage, not just those tied up in the scandal. But Georgia, who blew the whistle on the leaked photo in week one, had an idea for making things fair.

"I've got an idea," Georgia told Scotty. "They [Kinsman] should just do Houses 1, 2 and 5 and the cheaters don't get cabinetry this week. How about that?"

Her suggestion wasn't taken on board and to add insult to injury, Josh and Luke announced that the cheating scandal is "all water under the bridge".

Fans outraged: 'No payback'

Despite the tantalising prospect of karma, there was little of the sort according to fans on social media.

One declared the episode "Pretty boring" in a comment on the show's Instagram post, while another admitted, "Well that was a letdown."

"Don't think it ignited, it fizzled... the promos suck you in. No karma or payback," added a third.

It's not the first time viewers have poo-pooed the punishment for the two teams involved in the cheating scandal.

The Block's Ronnie and Georgia accuse Luke and Josh Packham of cheating. Photo: Channel Nine.
The Block's Ronnie and Georgia alerted production to the cheating scandal in week one. Photo: Channel Nine.

Earlier in the season, outraged fans demanded Tanya and Vito and Josh and Luke be disqualified however Scotty ended up deciding to dock two points off their scores for the basement challenge.

Ronnie made it clear he wasn't on board with the penalty, telling producers, "I think it’s flat out bullsh*t – two points is not enough."

Fans of the show were just as unimpressed as Ronnie.

"Whaaaaa... 2 points is NOTHING!!!! Fckn joke," one tweeted.

"Lamest. Penalty. Ever," another wrote.

"Should have been -10 points," someone else added.

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