The Block fans tell Luke and Josh to 'suck it up' after they storm off

Fans of The Block have called on twins Luke and Josh Packham to 'suck it up' after the pair stormed out of the winners dinner during Monday night's episode, unhappy with fellow cast member Kirsty Lee Akers' performance of a song that repeatedly referenced 'cheating'.

"I don't know if they enjoyed the entertainment, but they did get some entertainment," the country singer said, before performing the Hank Williams tune called 'Cheatin' Heart' for the rest of the contestants.

the block kristy singing cheating song
Kristy sang the Hank Williams tune called 'Cheatin' Heart' for the rest of the contestants. Photo: Channel Nine

While many of the others found the track amusing, with Tanya calling it a "bit cheeky", the 26-year-old twins seemed less than impressed.

"I did notice there were some other people at the table that weren't clapping and didn't find it very funny," Ronnie also pointed out.


Indeed the twins promptly got up and left the table after the song was finished, claiming they had work to do. But they quickly confirmed to cameras that they were irritated by the performance.

the block twins luke and josh
The twins Luke and Josh were not impressed. Photo: Channel Nine

The cheating scandal exploded on The Block last week, after Luke and Josh won the master bedroom challenge after seeing a photo of the secret production schedule, allowing them to plan ahead.

Fans of the show were quick to react to the boys storming off the set again.

"The twins need to suck it up," one person wrote on Twitter.

"Wah, wah, wah... Again I say, the Twins can dish it but, not take it! Shoe on the other foot, they’d not be letting go of someone else cheating and would take every opportunity to have a go," another fan claimed.

"Love it. The twins should take cement and harden up," was another comment, while a fourth wrote: "And the twins were worried about Mitch being passive aggressive. Kristy for the slay!"

There were a few who didn't think Kristy's sneaky move was ideal, with one person even calling it "childish".

"I thought it was tacky as hell," another agreed.

While a third complained: "This is turning into MKR with all the chaos, drama and bs that has happened this week. It ain’t right. Not right at all."

It comes after Scott Cam finally handed down a penalty to the cheaters - Luke and Josh, and also Tanya and Vito - but both fans and fellow contestants didn't think it was enough.

"I thought long and hard about this and I’ve come to a decision," Scott told the teams on Sunday Night.

"I will be deducting two points from each of your scores tonight, effectively ruling you out of this week’s room."

Ronnie made it clear he wasn't on board with the penalty, telling producers, "I think it’s flat out bullsh*t – two points is not enough."

While one fan commented online "Lamest. Penalty. Ever".

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