The Block fans outraged as Tanya and Vito bend rules: 'Complete joke'

The Block contestants and fans have been left fuming after it appeared contestants Tanya and Vito were again playing slightly outside of the rules.

Another cheating scandal erupted during Wednesday night's episode, after it was discovered that House 3 were having their laundry installed by the team from Kinsman a week after they were meant to.

the block tanya
Tanya said she was glad they didn't 'have to pay' for the laundry install. Photo: Channel Nine

"We’re very grateful to Kinsman who came back just for us and put all the laundry in … but don’t tell anyone else," Tanya could be seen whispering to producers.

She later added how great it was they "haven't had to pay", despite the fact the laundry install had to be reshuffled as a result of the leaked production schedule scandal.

All the teams were told that the Kinsman team had been booked in to install the laundries last week - which was technically Living & Dining - because of the schedule change and if they weren't ready for them to do so, after that it would fall on them to pay the cost.


Understandably, when fellow contestants Ronnie and Georgia - who had seemed to mend things to some extent with Tanya and Vito after their joint winners trip away - found out what was going on they were fuming.

"I saw a couple of the Kinsman installers coming out of House 3," Georgia told producers.

"We were told (Kinsman) weren’t going to come back, which is why we had to hustle and get our laundries done last week."

the block ronnie and georgia
Ronnie and Georgia weren't happy. Photo: Channel 9

She's then seen heading off to find Keith, asking him: "Why are they installing Tanya and Vito’s laundry? You told us to hustle to get our laundry done."

Indeed a clip from last week showed Foreman Dan telling the contestants: "Schedule change has got us again. This was originally going to be hallway and laundry week, so Kinsman have booked all of their joiners in for this Friday. If you want Kinsman to install it, it has to be this Friday, if not you’ll have to install it at your own cost come laundry week."

Ronnie added to producers: "We had to share our win with these guys, but we finished off the laundry and they didn’t … So they had all that extra time to focus on the (living) room.

"What’s the point of having rules on The Block? … Here they are again, cheating."

the block georgia and forman keith
Georgia confronted Keith about House 3. Photo: Channel Nine

And viewers of the show were equally frustrated with the team from House 3, calling their move a "complete joke".

"If The Block had truly penalised H3 and H4 when they first transgressed, we probably would not be seeing the continued bad behaviour on the part of H3. You have only yourself to blame," one person said, referring to the two points Houses 3 and 4 were deducted at the one room reveal.

"Show's a complete joke this year. Judges have handed out wins to unfinished rooms just to help the budget (T&V!) House 3 gets coddled by producers with no penalty for breaking rules," another angry fan wrote on Twitter.

"They were told they had to pay if they didn’t do it last week so most people have the scruples to know that it was unfair to the other teams especially given the cheating fiasco."

The Block continues Sunday at 7pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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