The Block's Mitch and Mark threatened to quit show: 'Felt bullied'

Seasoned renovators Mitch Edwards and Mark McKie didn't hold back during Monday night's episode of The Block, revealing how they really felt after coming last in the first room reveal.

The morning after the reveals - which saw them place last - the pair called the judging a "pi**take", claiming they felt "picked on" and "bullied", and it's since been revealed they even threatened to quit the show because of it.

the Block mitch and mark
Mark and Mitch reportedly threatened to quit The Block. Photo: Channel Nine

"We felt bullied actually," Mitch said the next morning, adding: "We felt unnecessarily slapped around. We know good and bad design, and we don't want to get into disputing their stupid claims."

"We actually felt hurt. We felt picked on," Mark added.


"We are confident in what we do and we have done 15/16 years of property flipping which means we understand real estate as well," Mark continued.

"We felt bullied and attacked. If they wanted to hurt us, they've done a good job."

According to New Idea, a producer ended up having to convince Mitch and Mark to stay at the time.

"Mitch and Mark were furious at how they were treated during the first week of judging - so much so they wanted out," the source claimed. "Not even they expected this season to be so cut-throat."

the block mitch and mark bedroom
Their bedroom was criticised for being 'bland and generic'. Photo: Instagram/theblock

Mitch and Mark placed last after the first room reveal with a score of 22.5 points, after their room was criticised for being "bland and generic".

"I actually feel quite claustrophobic in here, it feels very, very small. Oppressively small actually," judge Neale Whitaker said of their room.

It comes are contestants Luke and Josh Packham also slammed the show, saying parts of Sunday night's episode of The Block were "totally inaccurate".

Luke spoke to, claiming the producers stitched him and Josh up after the boys appeared to disappear off-site for a night of drinking and stayed in a hotel.

"That breathalyser, we blew in it about 10 times, it was just a cheap deal and it never actually showed a proper reading. Sometimes it would show zero, sometimes it would show another number, it was so inaccurate," he said.

But Julian Cress, executive producer and co-creator of the show, hit back at the boys telling Yahoo Lifestyle, "For a start, we never fake anything on The Block."

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