MAFS 2023: All the drama from Nova's explosive dinner party revealed

There were plenty of bombshells dropped when the season 10 cast came together at the Fitzy & Wippa with Kate Ritchie dinner party.

For the first time since filming wrapped last year, a majority of the season 10 Married At First Sight cast members reunited for the annual Fitzy & Wippa with Kate Ritchie dinner party on Thursday night.

The group included a mix of brides and grooms - including Layton Mills, Melinda Willis, Duncan James, Janelle Han, Claire Nomarhas, Evelyn Ellis, Sandy Jawanda, Tahnee Cook, Ollie Skelton and Harrison Boon - and saw plenty of bombshells being dropped when the honesty box came out.

MAFS cast group photo at Fitzy & Wippa with Kate Ritchie’s dinner party.
A number of 2023 MAFS brides and grooms reunited for Fitzy & Wippa with Kate Ritchie’s dinner party. Photo: Supplied

The truth about the butt-dial scandal

When the infamous butt-dial scandal was brought up, Harrison was adamant that Rupert Bugden didn't accidentally call his ‘wife’ Evelyn in the experiment.

“Of all of the things that have never happened, this never happened the most,” he asserted.

However, Rupert’s best friend Ollie said he had “evidence” that seemingly confirmed the rumour once and for all.

“Rupert screenshotted me with timestamps,” he said, referring to the image as “the smoking gun”.


The screenshots showed that Evelyn had texted Rupert around 8 pm saying: “You just prank called me and I heard Hugo [Armstrong] going off about Tayla [Winter] haha. Saying he just wanted a hot wide and she told him she was going to select leave.”

“What I think actually happened is I think fifty per cent of the butt dial happened,” Ollie said.

Harrison agreed with that, adding: “I think it happened, I just don’t think all of the information was transferred on the call.”

“I think we need to focus on what was said that night,” Sandy chimed in. “Stop deflecting it into ‘the butt dial did or didn’t happen’.”

Duncan as the new Bachelor

He’s been labelled ‘Prince Charming’ on this year’s season of MAFS, but Fitzy, Wippa and Kate Ritchie were curious if Duncan would ever want to star on The Bachelor.

“Ah, no, I’m just a young man looking for love,” he replied, which appears to confirm rumours he’s no longer with his ‘wife’ Alyssa Barmonde.

When pushed by the radio hosts, Duncan added that “no one watches The Bachelor”.

This comes after So Dramatic! revealed that Duncan was almost cast as the Bachelor in 2020 but ended up “pulling out at the eleventh hour because he’d met someone”.

MAFS' Duncan and Harrison at Fitzy & Wippa with Kate Ritchie’s dinner party.
Harrison revealed that he regretted ‘the entire experience’ of going on MAFS. Photo: Supplied

Harrison’s biggest regret

In response to Fitzy’s question about if he has any regrets from the show, Harrison said he regretted “the entire experience”.

“I don’t regret the friends I made, who are here tonight,” he added. “Thank you, guys.”

Will Harrison join OnlyFans?

Harrison was later asked which cast member he thinks would be the first to join the adult subscription-based website OnlyFans, to which he coyly replied that he didn’t know.

The builder and former stripper also said he would never sign up for the platform himself because “I make enough money doing what I do for a living”.

Harrison’s new girlfriend

During the dinner party, Harrison confirmed that he does have a new girlfriend - a blonde woman who he was photographed with earlier this week.

However, he refused to reveal how long they’ve been dating and simply laughed when Fitzy asked how many girls he has been seeing since the show.

MAFS' Harrison with his new girlfriend.
Harrison was spotted with his new girlfriend earlier this week. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

Sandy’s celebrity DMs

Kate asked Sandy if there had been any past MAFS contestants or celebrity influencers sliding into her DMs since she left the show, to which she replied “maybe”.

She then confirmed it wasn’t a former MAFS groom but someone else on TV.

“Just think, 7PM Project,” she teased, leaving Wippa to question whether it was Tommy Little.

Harrison and Bronte’s relationship

Although he didn’t attend the dinner party with his ‘wife’ Bronte Schofield, Harrison revealed information about their current relationship.


“I texted her when the endometriosis episode aired,” he shared, adding that he didn't receive a reply.

“We’ve spoken since via my lawyer, but that’s about it.”

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