MAFS' Evelyn reveals unseen moment she's so 'upset' didn't air

EXCLUSIVE: The Married At First Sight bride spills on what viewers didn't get to see on TV.

With Adam Seed and Claire Nomarhas’ cheating scandal taking up most of the airtime on Married At First Sight this week, it’s no surprise that viewers didn’t get to see everything that happened at the intruders’ weddings and honeymoons.

Evelyn Ellis, who married Rupert Bugden in Monday night’s episode, tells Yahoo Lifestyle there was one moment between the pair on their honeymoon that she was particularly disappointed didn’t air on TV.

MAFS' Evelyn Ellis and Rupert Budgen at their wedding.
MAFS’ Evelyn Ellis married Rupert Budgen during Monday night’s episode. Photo: Channel Nine

“There was one part that I'm really upset they didn’t put in because it was hilarious,” she shares.

“It was me and Rupert in a field holding a chicken, and he was way more frightened of the chicken than I was. And we were screaming like little children and it was the most endearing, sweet, natural, authentic moment ever, but I guess it just didn't make the cut.”


While a large chunk of their honeymoon wasn’t shown, including when they “drank loads of wine and ran around in the fields”, Evelyn says the rest of her and Rupert’s portrayal has been “true to form” so far.

“That couch session where me and Rupert sat on the sofas together at the wedding and I was trying to talk to him, that is exactly what happened verbatim,” she laughs.

“Honestly, I wanted to melt in my chair at that point in time. I actually think they cut a lot of it out, so I think they let Rupert off the hook a little bit, but it was definitely as awkward as it seemed.

She continues: “I’m happy with what has been shown because I think the audience will eventually be pleasantly surprised with what happens next.”

MAFS' Evelyn Ellis on her honeymoon.
'I think it’s definitely a slow burn with Rupert and I.' Photo: Channel Nine

Speaking about her relationship with Rupert in the experiment, Evelyn admits she’s “really glad” the experts paired them together.

“I think it’s definitely a slow burn with Rupert and I,” she teases.

“I really appreciate being matched with Rupert. I think he has a very good heart and our core values align and there’s not a bad bone in his body. And definitely after seeing some of the other husbands I was like, thank god I got Rupert!”

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