The Project hosts savaged by Tommy Little live on-air: 'Controversial'

Former panellist Tommy Little didn't hold back.

Tommy Little took a brutal swipe at The Project hosts on Monday night, referencing the mass exodus that has plagued Channel 10 for the past few months. Co-hosts Waleed Aly and Sarah Harris welcomed the former panellist on the show to promote his newest comedy tour.

Waleed didn’t hold back when he introduced Tommy, saying: “The self-described d**khead of Aussie comedy is back. Please welcome a friend of the show, Tommy Little!”. Tommy acknowledged the crowd and responded with a cheeky dig.

L: Tommy Little on The Project. R: Sarah Harris on The Project
Tommy Little poked fun at The Project hosts on Monday night. Photo: Ten

“Oh god guys, it’s good to be back. What’s happened since I’ve been gone, nothing controversial I hope?” the radio host quipped, sending the audience into stitches.

After the panellists shook their heads, Waleed joked that it had been “smooth sailing” on the Channel 10 show.

A string of high-profile talent has left the network since late last year, with regular The Project panellists Carrie Bickmore, Lisa Wilkinson and Peter Helliar all quitting the show. In addition to that, I'm A Celebrity host Dr Chris Brown has also signed a new deal with Channel Seven that sees him jumping ship in July.


This year, Rachel Corbett announced that she will be stepping back from the desk for a few months due to maternity leave, and Peter van Onselen is finishing up his career as 10’s political editor to return to academia.

Waleed Aly and Sarah Harris on The Project
Waleed Aly and Sarah Harris were taken aback by Tommy's jokes. Photo: Ten

Elsewhere in the segment, Tommy couldn’t help but poke fun at Waleed. The hosts were discussing the star’s appearance on Would I Lie to You and how you can tell when people are lying.

“Generally I think the people that lie the most are actually upstanding citizens,” Tommy declared. “I always notice people who have had a troubled past or people that have a lot going on in their lives, they don’t care to lie to you because you already think they’re a scumbag.”


He then insinuated that Waleed could make a great liar due to his “great reputation”.

“He’s the one that you’ve got to watch,” he quipped, before adding: “I don’t know if you guys know this, but back when we used to work on this show together, he would always smoke a bit of 'jazz cabbage’ before the show.”

Waleed was stunned by the accusation, noting that he ‘doesn’t even know what ‘jazz cabbage’ is, sending Tommy into a fit of laughter.

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