MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Rupert reveals unaired boys' night scene with Dan

The Married At First Sight intruder spills on the conversation that was edited out of the show.

Married At First Sight’s Rupert Bugden has shared an insight into the recent boys’ night and revealed what viewers didn’t get to see on TV.

The 27-year-old tradie admits he was surprised that returning groom Dan Hunjas was edited out of the episode, and tells Yahoo Lifestyle about the unaired conversation they had about the infamous butt-dial scandal.

MAFS’ Dan and Rupert.
MAFS’ Rupert had a conversation with Dan at the boys’ night that didn’t make it to air. Photos: Channel Nine

“I’ve seen online that we got into a heated argument, but it definitely was not like that at all,” he explains.

“Dan brought up the whole butt-dial thing and I said exactly how it happened. I butt-dialled Evelyn [Ellis] that night and she heard something, but obviously, when I got home drunk I relayed what Dan had said.

“A lot of people are hanging s**t on me for that, but if you’re not talking smack with your wife or partner about everything then that must be the most boring relationship ever. But obviously, it’s different because it’s TV and I should’ve known better.”


While Rupert admits he can’t remember too much from the boys’ night because “half the time I was getting cut off for drinking too much and being told to get on the waters”, he recalls producers pushing Dan to confront him about the butt-dial “for the narrative”.

“I just told him the truth and he accepted it,” he says. “We shook hands and there was definitely no bad blood.

“People started to accuse me of being a dirty dog, but I felt like I had to stand up and say how it is because those things did happen and it would be so much easier if you just apologised. Just say sorry for what you said.”

MAFS’ Dan and Tahnee during the couple swap challenge.
Rupert says it was ‘awesome’ living with Tahnee during the couple swap challenge. Photo: Channel Nine

'It was pretty cruisey'

Rupert went on to share that while the boys’ night was filled with plenty of awkward moments, the couple swap challenge where Tahnee Cook moved in with him for three days was “awesome”.

“Obviously I’m best mates with Ollie [Skelton] and I’ve spent a lot of time with those two, so it just felt like chilling out with a mate,” he remarks. “It was pretty cruisey. We were just chilling out eating ice cream on the couch and watching TV, there wasn’t too much going on.


“I think they wanted a lot more drama than what happened and I think they wanted me to spill any dirt I had on Ollie because I was closest with him, but he’s an absolute saint so I had nothing but nice things to say.”

He adds that although he couldn’t entirely see the benefit of the challenge, he went along with it because he’s “just a chill guy”.

“I thought it would be a bit of fun no matter what,” he says. “I know a lot of the other people struggled, like Mel [Willis] and Layton [Mills], but I think if they had been switched with other people they would’ve found it a hell of a lot easier.”

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