MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Ollie spills on what it was really like at the final dinner party

The last dinner party of the season saw plenty of drama amongst the couples.

Married At First Sight’s final dinner party of the season aired on Wednesday night and saw most of the relationships fall apart with the return of the honesty box.

And while viewers found it tough seeing so many beloved pairs crumble ahead of the finish line, Ollie Skelton tells Yahoo Lifestyle it was even more difficult witnessing them break down in real life.

MAFS’ Ollie Skelton and Tahnee Cook at the final dinner party.
MAFS’ Ollie Skelton has shared an insight into what it was like attending the final dinner party of the season. Photo: Channel Nine

“I went into the dinner party with such excitement,” he shares. “It was the final one, the last hurrah before we went off as individual couples, so I had a lot of curiosity to know how everyone went during homestay week.

“If I'm being honest, it sucked seeing a lot of the relationships have some really hard conversations that night.”


Ollie explains that while he “struggled to speak up” about the other couples at the beginning of the experiment, he quickly became invested in them as filming went on.

“I loved Layton [Mills] and Melinda [Willis] from the start,” he says. “I thought that behind all the head butting was a real appreciation for the other partner and it comes out in the way that they talk, they’re so passionate about each other. But to see their struggles that night was really, really sad.

“With Alyssa [Barmonde] and Duncan [James], I had nothing but great interactions with Alyssa and Duncan is a man that I respect an incredible amount, so to witness them falling apart was hard to watch.

“And the same goes for Cam [Woods] and Lyndall [Grace], Rupert [Bugden] and Evelyn [Ellis], and Harrison [Boon] and Bronte [Schofield]. You never want to see these relationships that started well break down right in front of you.”

MAFS’ Bronte crying / Harrison at the final dinner party.
‘You never want to see these relationships that started well break down right in front of you.’ Photos: Channel Nine

'We were always just trying to run our own race'

Although Ollie and his ‘wife’ Tahnee Cook have been the strongest and most consistent pair in the experiment, he asserts that they never wanted to compare themselves to the other couples.

“We tried so hard not to do that because I think as soon as you compare yourself, for better or worse you start not being true to your relationship,” he details.


“We were always just trying to run our own race and we knew that each relationship was going to be different and it was going to develop in a different way. Like, some were very passionate early on and then struggled in the later rounds, whereas others were a slow burn.

“I think Tahnee and I were just making sure to check in with ‘outside of the experiment Ollie and Tahnee’. Where are they at? What's life like once we step out of Skye Suites? What's our relationship like when we step out of this experiment? Just making sure to touch base with the off-camera Tahnee and Ollie relationship, Tahnee and Ollie in the real world.”

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