MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Tayla causes chaos as she 'quits the show'

The Married At First Sight bride was shocked when her 'husband' chose to stay in the experiment.

MAFS' Tayla Winter shocked her fellow cast members on Sunday night when she stormed out of the commitment ceremony, revealing she was "going back to Tassie" after being made to stay another week with husband Hugo Armstrong.

Now, Yahoo Lifestyle can reveal Tayla did quit the show that night during filming in October, with producers doing everything in their power to convince her to stay another week.

MAFS star Tayla Winter at airport
MAFS star Tayla Winter threw production into chaos after she 'quit the show while filming' after Sunday night's commitment ceremony. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

"Tayla was adamant she was done and even packed her bags to return home," an insider tells us. "It threw production into chaos as bosses then had a limited amount of time to convince her to stay before everyone went to the retreat."


They continued, "The day after filming the commitment ceremony she disappeared into the city for hours and ignored all desperate calls from producers, everyone was starting to get concerned. She was one of the most controversial participants this season and producers were not going to let her leave.

"In the end they convinced her to stay by saying she has to see her storyline through or the public will turn on her. The producers worked her too well she had no idea she was going to be portrayed negatively and thought Hugo would be the 'villain'."

'I'm not staying'

Hugo shocked Tayla by writing 'stay' despite the pair having a shocking week. Photo: Nine
Hugo shocked Tayla by writing 'stay' despite the pair having a shocking week. Photo: Nine

During the commitment ceremony, Hugo shocked Tayla by writing 'stay' despite the pair having a shocking week due to the butt-dial scandal, which saw Evelyn Ellis overhearing the groom calling his bride a "c***" and saying he wished he'd been paired with any of the other women in the experiment.

Tayla didn't hold back when she told the experts her decision to leave, saying, "I came here to find a partner to have children with. And I don't think someone calling me a c*** is the right person for me."

Hugo told her, "I do want you to feel like you can trust me again," as he held up his card, revealing he'd chosen to stay.


"I don't know why you did that Hugo," she said. "I'm not staying. I'm going back to Tassie."

"I want to try and move… through it," Hugo told her, to which Tayla hit back, "No, you don't."

"Just because he says it, doesn't mean it's the truth!" she told the experts, with Hugo saying, "Can't get worse, right?"

Tayla wasn't having any of it, telling him, "I'm not staying, no way."

Expert John Aiken tried to tell the bride that other couples have managed to make it work after going through tough times, but Tayla wasn't having it and left the room.

"Seriously f*** this, I'm going home!" she said as she left.

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