MAFS' Claire breaks silence over Jesse's brutal attack: 'Upset'

The couple at the centre of the cheating scandal called it quits on Sunday's episode.

MAFSClaire Normarhas and Jesse Burford’s relationship crumbled in spectacular fashion last week, after Harrison Boon’s meddling raised doubts about their future. The couple were working through issues after Claire confessed to kissing Adam Steed and seemed as though they were on the path to reconciliation.

On Wednesday, the brunette revealed the state of her current relationship with Jesse on Today Extra, just two days after he mocked their relationship online. Speaking to hosts Sylvia Jeffreys and David Campbell, she admitted that she hadn’t spoken to her ex lately.

MAFS couple Claire Normahas and Jesse Burford looking upset at a dinner party
MAFS couple Claire Normahas and Jesse Burford left the experiment on Sunday night. Photo: Nine

“I’ve always been the first to reach out to Jesse,” she confessed. “You know, ‘How are you going? How was watching that [episode]? How are you feeling?’

“Jesse is not really one to be like, ‘How are you going? How are you feeling?’. So I’m not really sure how he really feels about me,” she said.


Although Claire was seen still wearing her wedding ring at girl’s night and said it was special to her, Jesse made a show of removing his ring in a brutal social media video on Sunday night.

The Perth-based wedding celebrant discarded his ring to chants of “take it off”, before starting to strip in front of the TV.

Jesse kneels in front of a TV with his ring off
Jesse mocked his relationship with Claire in a social media video. Photo: Instagram/jesseburford

“I did see a video of Jesse taking off his ring and it was quite dramatic and that, that did upset me,” she said, addressing the controversial act.

“I’ve always spoken really highly of Jesse. I have respect for him and it made me feel like that wasn’t kind of reciprocated.”

Fans turned on the groom after seeing his shock act, with many commenting on social media.

"This is really disappointing to watch, makes me wonder about his reasons for going on the show now!" one user wrote.

"True colours always shine out in the end..." another added.

"How embarrassing, act your age," a third said, while others described the act as "sad" and "cringe".

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