MAFS' Alyssa fiercely defended by sister after 'harsh' backlash: 'Two sides'

The Married At First Sight participant isn't sure Duncan will cope with her parenting lifestyle.

MAFS fans have well and truly turned on Alyssa Barmonde after cracks started to show in her ‘marriage’ with Duncan James. The divorcee, 35, is a mother of a two-year-old boy who she constantly asserts is ‘her priority’.

During homestay week, Alyssa presented Duncan with new information about how their relationship will work outside of the experiment. After telling him she could only see him on Wednesdays and every second weekend, Duncan felt blindsided and left Alyssa in tears.

MAFS star Alyssa Barmonde in tears
MAFS Alyssa broke down on Monday night's episode. Photo: Nine

After seeing the backlash Alyssa has been receiving from viewers, a woman claiming to be her older sister has taken to Reddit to clear up a few things, insinuating that the Utah-born blonde has had a ‘bad edit’.

“I’m just tired of sitting back and watching people call my sister horrible names without even knowing her,” she wrote. “I’m her older sister and I will protect her my entire life. This is her side. There’s always two sides to every story!”


The woman claims that Duncan was ‘saying all the right things’ when it came to commitment and understanding about Alyssa’s priorities as a mother, but she didn’t believe he was sincere.

“She was scared when things got tough he would run…Alyssa put her heart on the line and he didn’t. I think, in my opinion, that’s when she started to feel more worried that he might not be there for the same reasons she was,” her sister wrote.

Duncan James on a boat on MAFS
Duncan was left drinking alone during his romantic boat date after a spat with Alyssa. Photo: Nine

Fans have been turning some of Alyssa's phrases into memes, such as “I have a child” and “I want attention”. While her sister admits these posts can be funny, she hates seeing her sister play the role of a ‘villain’.

“I’m not on here to try to get everyone to love her, and accept her. Maybe just more to realise we don’t see everything on these shows. Idk how many posts I’ve seen on how sh**ty the edits are this season.

"Edits happen, and once the producers decide who they want you to be, they will do everything to show you that…she’s not perfect, but she’s definitely not as bad as what is being portrayed,” the woman added.


In another comment, she also shared what kind of man her sister usually finds attractive — after Alyssa’s bombshell during the retreat where she admitted Duncan wasn’t her type at all.

“[Alyssa told me], ‘Tall, dark and handsome was my usual type and it clearly never worked out for me. I asked for a Pete Davidson or a dad bod’. The funny thing was me and my dad were talking before she responded, and I said her type was ‘Emo, Blink 182’, because that is literally what her exes looked like,” she spilled.

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