MAFS: Accidental 'butt-dial' exposes husband's 'disgusting' behaviour

Conversations at a secret boys' night have rocked the experiment.

Throughout ten seasons of Married At First Sight Australia the experiment has seen scandals unfold surrounding cheating, OnlyFans and even toothbrushes - but never anything like what went down this week.

Intruder Evelyn Ellis revealed during Tuesday night’s episode of the reality show that her husband Rupert Bugden had accidentally called her multiple times while attending a boys' night, and she subsequently overheard two grooms speaking poorly about their wives.

MAFS’ Sandy Jawanda and Evelyn Ellis.
MAFS’ Evelyn Ellis told Sandy Jawanda she had heard Dan Hunjas speaking poorly about her behind her back. Photos: Channel Nine

The 26-year-old then decided to tell fellow bride Sandy Jawanda about the “disgusting” things her partner Dan Hunjas had been saying about her behind her back as she believed it was “the right thing to do”.

“I'm about to tell you something that I think you would want to know,” she began. “Over the weekend some of the husbands went out to drink. Rupert butt-dialled me, he pocket-dialled me.

“I could hear the conversations between a couple of the boys very clearly, and they weren't saying very nice things about their wives - particularly Dan.”


Sandy was clearly surprised by the incident and told Evelyn that “Dan said he was with his daughter”, to which she firmly replied: “Dan was out with the boys.”

“What was he saying?” Sandy asked.

“He was insinuating that he is too good for this experiment and too good for you,” Evelyn continued. “Once I asked Rupert what was going on, he told me he was showing all the boys photos of his ex-girlfriends, like boasting about how hot his ex-girlfriends were.”

MAFS’ Sandy Jawanda crying.
Sandy was in tears after learning about the ‘butt-dial’ and said she felt ‘broken’. Photos: Channel Nine

'I'm just broken'

Sandy, who admitted she was “so glad” Evelyn had told her because she felt like she was going “crazy” with the way Dan had been treating her just days after they consummated their marriage, broke down in tears when she spoke with producers afterwards.

“I came here with such high hopes that I’d meet someone, that he would respect me and he’d love me for who I am,” she said while sobbing.

“I went against my parents. My dad’s biggest concern was that I would come here and I would be disrespected, and that’s f**king exactly what happened… I’m just broken.

“I’m upset because I’ve disappointed my parents and I’m angry that I’m letting this happen to me.”


This comes after Evelyn spoke openly with Yahoo Lifestyle about her relationships with the other participants and shared her first impressions when she met them at last week’s dinner party.

“The first moment I met Dan, I could not stand him. I just felt this weird energy from him that just didn't seem authentic,” she said. “I don’t know, I just had my guard up with him.

“Melinda [Willis] and Layton [Mills] I absolutely adore, I call them my mum and dad and I still have a really good relationship with them now. Tahnee [Cook] and Ollie [Skelton] are fabulous, Sandy I adore to bits, Claire [Nomarhas] I actually really adore, Jessie [Burford] I adore, Janelle [Han] I adore, and everyone that's not included in that list is on the s**t list.”

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