MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Leaked snaps show Duncan and Alyssa’s relationship crumbling

Married At First Sight's Alyssa Barmonde and Duncan James are heading for disaster.

MAFS viewers were stunned during Monday night's episode after fan favourite couple Alyssa Barmonde and Duncan James hit a rocky patch. The single mum, 35, lashed out at her ‘husband’ for not paying enough “attention” to her on the couples' retreat in the Southern Highlands.

As the pair were getting ready for the girls’ and boys’ night, Alyssa declared that she was sick of Duncan ‘ignoring her’ all day and then refused to give him a hug. The Utah-born blonde then vented to the other ‘brides’ about her spat with Duncan, shocking the group by announcing he ‘isn’t her type’.

L: Alyssa Barmonde and Duncan James on MAFS. R: Alyssa Barmonde and Duncan James arrive at the dinner party
Cracks in Alyssa and Duncan's relationship are starting to show on MAFS. Photo: Nine & Supplied

Although her fellow contestants and viewers were shocked by this new development, Yahoo Lifestyle can reveal the pair’s relationship started to crumble much earlier than the couples’ retreat.

According to an insider, producers edited out any issues Alyssa and Duncan had to “keep the dream alive” for MAFS fans.

Leaked snaps of the couple arriving for the third dinner party, aired two weeks ago, reveal that the pair refused to look at each other upon arrival. Producers urged the golden couple to “put on an act” before stepping on set.


“By this point in the experiment there was so much drama with the other couples that producers wanted to keep the dream alive as long as they could,” a source tells us.

“They originally thought Duncan and Alyssa would be one of their ‘hero couples’ who would stay together out of the show, but about two weeks in they started to see this was highly unlikely.”

MAFS' Alyssa Barmonde and Duncan James arrive for a dinner party
The MAFS couple refused to look at each other as they prepared to enter the dinner party. Photo: Supplied
MAFS' Alyssa Barmonde and Duncan James refuse to look at each other in the lift
Both Duncan and Alyssa avoided eye contact. Photo: Supplied

Fans turned on Alyssa after her fight with Duncan aired, with many saying she was “self-sabotaging” her relationship.

“She was totally unreasonable. Talk about being needy. Can’t see where he did anything wrong to be honest,” one fan commented.

“Duncan is too good for her. Don’t know what her problem was with him tonight,” another added.

“Self-sabotage…’get in before he does’ mentality,” a third chimed in.

MAFS' Alyssa furious with Duncan at the couples' retreat
Alyssa was furious with Duncan after being 'ignored' all day. Photo: Nine

All the signs Alyssa and Duncan have split

This comes after fans shared clues that the pair are no longer together. The most telling sign is the fact that the pair both live on Sydney's Northern Beaches but haven't been photographed or spotted together at all since the show ended.

Duncan is based in Manly and Alyssa is just a few minutes away, yet it appears they haven't spent any time as a couple since filming wrapped in December.

Instead, Duncan has spent most of his weekends with friends who all document their antics on social media - including a recent trip to Perth together.


The 36-year-old was also spotted getting flirty with intruder Evelyn Ellis at her recent viewing party in Sydney, where his ‘wife’ Alyssa was noticeably absent.

However, Evelyn asserts that nothing went on between herself and any of the grooms who attended the event, including Harrison Boon.

“Everyone from Sydney was invited,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “Melinda [Willis] and Layton [Mills] were supposed to come but she had to fly back to Brissy, and Ollie [Skelton] was sick that day.

“I was stuck with the boys which was fine, we just had a few drinks and watched the episode. There’s definitely nothing there.”

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