Kmart shoppers rushing to get their hands on $30 denim dress: 'It's so flattering'

The budget retailer has again released a fashion item which is driving customers crazy.

Eagle-eyed Kmart fans have already spotted their favourite budget retailer dropping new winter items. From cute coats to cosy jumpers it seems the store has you stylishly covered if a winter wardrobe update is in order. But it looks like one dress is already a stand out with shoppers now scrambling to get their hands on one.

The $30 Long Sleeve Denim Mini Dress is already racking up rave reviews across social media with dozens saying it’s a winter wardrobe winner, one TikToker even dubbing it “the dress of the season!”

The long sleeve, mini-length denim dress features buttoned cuffs, a full button up front, and tie detail with side pockets and it’s available in black and a denim mid-wash. It also bears a striking resemblance to much pricier denim dresses, including the Showpo Enriquetta Mini Dress which retails for $109.95.

woman wearing denim dress, woman on catwalk
The Kmart Denim dress (left, middle) is available in two colours and looks very similar to the $109.95 denim dress from Showpo. Photo: Kmart/Showpo

“This denim dress is FABULOUS!!! It’s so comfortable and as a fuller figure mum it’s so flattering, go and grab this one, it’s a perfect winter wardrobe staple,” one Kmart fan excitedly shared online.

Her post was instantly flooded with several comments from others saying she looked amazing.

Others across Facebook agreed after snapping it up themselves, with one shopper pointing out it can be worn multiple ways.


“Jumped on the Kmart denim dress! Fit amazing! Thicker denim but so soft! Can be worn undone as a jacket too,” one excited shopper shared also adding, “It’s certainly going to become a fave!”

“Got it, wore it, love it!” Another person wrote with another person adding “Got one today. Can't wait to style it.”

Kmart Denim dress (left) and an excited shopper wearing the dress (right).
This denim dress has proven to be a huge hit with shoppers. Source: TikTok

Shopper raves about 'quality' of $30 dress

Kmart dropped a short-sleeved $30 denim dress in August 2023 with the similar version being just as popular. At the time shoppers excitedly flooded social media saying they were "running" out to buy it.

TikToker Jess Louise who runs the account @msjesslouise also gave the dress a glowing review, saying one of the stand-out features was the material which wasn’t too stiff and had a tiny bit of stretch.

“It is a beautiful dress… it’s very flattering and very comfortable,” she said telling her followers it’s giving Decjuba and Country Road vibes.

Kmart Denim dress
TikToker Jess Louise says the dress has great material, but she's not sure about the buttons or pockets. Photo: TikTok/@msjesslouise

Her only negatives were the placement of the pockets which sit directly on the hip and the buttons.


“They are beautiful buttons in a bronze colour, however, they are the most fiddly buttons to get on through the little holes. It took forever to button this dress. So once you button it, don’t unbutton it,” she said.

“But for $30 this dress is beautiful and a lot better quality than I would expect for $30.”

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