Kmart shoppers are flocking to get their hands on this 'stunning' $49 coat: 'Selling out so fast'

Eager shoppers are rushing to snag their size as the coat flies off shelves.

Winter is quickly creeping in with its icy grip, and you know what that means – it's jacket weather, folks! And leave it to the savvy Kmart shoppers to get ahead of the game, already snagging some seriously cute coats before the chilly season even arrives.

One standout option that's been causing quite a stir is the retailer's $49 oversized coat in grey marle. The coat in question is giving off major high-end vibes and causing quite a commotion because of the serious competition it's giving those pricier options.

With its similar style and quality, it's practically indistinguishable from higher-priced counterparts, notably Seed's $199.95 Boyfriend Coat, to which it bears a striking resemblance.

Woman wears Kmart's $49 oversized coat (left and centre) and model wears the Seed coat (right).
Kmart's $49 oversized coat (left and centre) is a dead-set dupe for Seed's $199.95 boyfriend jacket (right). Photo: TikTok/Seed

When TikTok user Kristy Pearce stumbled upon the chic $49 coat at her local Kmart, she couldn't wait to share her discovery with her followers.

"Run, don't walk, to get this coat from Kmart," she exclaimed during her try-on session, capturing the attention of fashion-savvy viewers.


Kristy's endorsement ignited a surge of excitement among her followers, who praised Kmart for its ability to offer trendy yet affordable fashion options.

Comments poured in, with many users hailing Kmart for "slaying" the fashion game.

"Kmart it is!" declared one enthusiastic shopper. "No wonder it's selling out so fast."

"That is stunning," someone else enthused.

Another excitedly shared their successful quest to find the coat in their size.

Zara also offers similar coats ranging from $105.00 to $185.00. Photo: Zara
Zara also offers similar coats ranging from $105.00 (far right) to $185.00 (middle). Photo: Zara

The buzz around the coat was undeniable, with comments overflowing in admiration of Kmart's affordable yet stylish offerings.

"VERY MELBOURNE," one follower attested.

"Ok this is my sign to get it," responded another, with additional comments expressing how good the coat looked.

But is it itchy?

Of course, for $49 the coat is made with less expensive material (polyester) with several of Kristy's followers wanting to know if the coat was itchy.

"Not at all and I have sensitive skin," she replied to one such inquiring mind.

High demand for Kmart coats

Kristy's comparison to a similar $189 coat at Zara emphasised the exceptional value of Kmart's offering.

With sizes 8 and 10 already sold out online, eager shoppers are now scrambling to secure their preferred size, as sizes 12-20 remain available both online and in-store.


Amid the excitement however, some voices raised concerns about fast fashion culture. "I'm a bit over the cheap, wear a few times culture, then we throw it away!" one commenter expressed.

Kristy acknowledged the perspective, noting, "I also have lots of cheap things from Kmart I've been wearing for years. Many people can't afford high-end clothes."

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