Kmart releases $8 version of a $1200 Christian Dior Belt: 'I immediately snapped this up!'

The a new must-have accessory at Kmart, but they are already disappearing from shelves.

Kmart’s dupes just keep coming with the budget retailer now dropping an accessory resembling a popular Christian Dior design for a fraction of the price.

Yes, you read that right, a Christian Dior dupe at Kmart!

An eagle-eyed Kmart fan has spotted the $8 Double D Belt at Kmart pointing out how similar it looks to the 30 Montaigne Belt from Dior which retails for $1200.

The Dior belt is a luxe fashion must-have among stylists, with the classic belt adding an understated chic look to any outfit.

The Christian Dior belt (left) and the dupe (right).
If you don't look at their price tags it's hard to tell the two belts apart. Photo: Dior/Kmart

And now it seems the Kmart version is flying off shelves with shoppers keen to get their hands on the designer lookalike.

Spotted on the Kmart Insider Instagram page, the belts are strikingly similar with the Kmart version closing on both sides of the buckle while the Dior belt doesn’t.

“CD or DD?” The post showing the two belts side-by-side wrote.

Kmart fans go crazy for designer dupe online

Unsurprisingly her 98,000 followers loved the luxe-for-less look.

“Is that even a question?! Kmart slaying it again,” one shopper said.

“I snapped this up immediately. Kmart has been fabulous this season!” said another.

“Okay, need this YESTERDAY,” another wrote.


Meanwhile, others said it wouldn’t be hard to “alter” the belt to look even more like the Dior version either. One shopper said all she needed was a little “hack saw” and another commented, “can 'alter' them with my jewellery saw”.

Kmart Belt dupe
Shoppers are rushing in stores to secure the Kmart belt (left) which is a fraction of the cost of the Dior design. Photo: Kmart/Dior

The belt comes in five sizes, XS, S, M, L, XL and has a black band with gold hardware.

But if you are hoping to get your hands on one you had better get in quick. It appears the belt is already out of stock in most stores, with the Kmart website saying there is low to no stock.

It’s not the first time Kmart has duped a designer item. The store’s $20 Maya summer tote sold out almost instantly after fans realised it looked strikingly similar to the popular $109.95 Marc Jacobs Tote bag.

Kmart's Maya Tote (left) and the original Marc Jacobs bag (right).
Kmart's $20 Maya Tote was an absolute steal compared to the $110 Marc Jacobs Tote bag. Photo: Tik/Tok/Kmart

Following the success of the canvas tote, Kmart launched it in a range of other colours including Khaki, Navy and black. With the original natural tote, still being hard to come by.

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