Kmart shopper reveals the best bargain Mother's Day gifts: 'Gonna sell out really quick'

From PJs to perfume here are the top picks for spoiling mum this Mother's Day.

Mother's Day is fast approaching, and Kmart shoppers are gearing up to spoil their mums with the ultimate haul. TikToker @amba_motto recently took a trip to Kmart to uncover the perfect gifts, and the finds for mum are nothing short of fantastic.

"Here's some of my favourite Mother's Day gift inspo at Kmart," the TikToker shared, showcasing an endless supply of goodies from her local store. From $20 dupe PJs to $10 candles in scrumptious scents like caramel waffle and frosted cupcake, there's surely something for every mum's taste.

Popular Kmart Mother's Day offerings include pyjama sets, candles and dupe perfumes. Photo: TikTok/@amba_motto
Popular Kmart Mother's Day offerings include pyjama sets, candles and dupe perfumes. Photo: TikTok/@amba_motto

But the gift options didn't stop there. For plant mums, Motto recommended the $39 plant stand and the $25 3 Tier Pot Holder, confessing, "I actually hope I get one of these myself for Mother's Day."


Motto didn't overlook practical gifts either, highlighting the $10 handbag holder she's eyeing for herself, as the perfect solution for keeping bags tidy and easily accessible, as well as the super popular Stanley cup snack holder. And with restocks on dupe sprays, body butter, and gift sets, Kmart has all bases covered for Mother's Day shoppers.

Kmart goodies for mum include plant stands, handbag holders and an impressive range of dupe body sprays. Photo: TikTok/@amaba_motto
Kmart offers plant stands, handbag holders, and a wide range of dupe body sprays, perfect for mum. Photo: TikTok/@amaba_motto

Budget-friendly gifts mum will love

Kmart's $6 gel polish has also been a hit among happy customers, making it a perfect Mother's Day gift option for those looking to treat their mum to a little DIY glamour. With easy application and long-lasting results, it's a gift that keeps on giving, allowing her to achieve salon-quality nails from the comfort of home.

But perhaps the pièce de résistance is the Lululemon dupe tops, available in a range of colours for just $20. "I think these are gonna sell out really quick," Motto warned, and Kmart shoppers are taking heed.

Dupes of big name brand products like Lululemon and Stanley are set to be popular gift options. Photo: TikTok/@amba_motto
Popular gift options include dupes of big-name brand products like Lululemon and Stanley. Photo: TikTok/@amba_motto

Excitement over Kmart's gift ideas

Commenters were quick to chime in with praise for Kmart's Mother's Day collection.

"I need another job just for Kmart spending," one shopper joked, while others joined in, praising the retailer for its "great gift ideas" and mentioning the "divine-smelling" candles.


The sentiment echoed as another shopper described Kmart as "so addictive," while someone else emphasised the retailer's reputation for offering "really great gift ideas."

With Kmart proving to be a go-to destination for Mother's Day shopping, it's clear that mums everywhere are in for a treat this year. So, whether it's a cosy PJ set, a fragrant candle, or a trendy dupe top, Kmart has everything needed to make your Mum feel special on her big day.

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