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The anti-ageing supplement that improves mood and energy: 'It’s made a massive difference'

It contains 18 longevity ingredients.

Anti-ageing is big business; not only do we want to look younger than we are, we want to feel younger too. More energy, better memory and faster metabolism can only be good things.

While billionaires such as American entrepreneur and venture capitalist Bryan Johnson take 170 tablets a day and spend over $ 3 million a year to reverse the effects of ageing, some Aussies have discovered an easier route - and each serving costs less than a cup of coffee.

"I love it. It’s made a massive difference. I have noticeably more energy and a better mood," says one happy customer. "I've noticed I feel super alert, strong and full of energy," says another.

AgeMate longevity drink
AgeMate is a longevity drink designed to help slow down the ageing process. Photo: Supplied

AgeMate is a longevity drink that contains more than 18 research-backed ingredients that help increase energy, boost your mental focus, help with your weight management, improve your bone density, and reduce cholesterol and joint inflammation.

Its hero ingredient is NMN (Nicotinamide mononucleotide); derived from Vitamin B3 it helps boost a molecule called NAD+ which is present in every cell of your body.

NAD+ plays a crucial role in energy production, DNA repair, and regulating your body's internal clock. As we age, NAD+ levels naturally decline, which can lead to age-related health issues. NMN supplementation aims to boost declining NAD+ levels and potentially reverse some aspects of ageing. It can help improve cognitive health for a sharper, more alert mind, as well as improved cardiovascular health and an improved metabolism.

AgeMate supplement
One serve of AgeMate a day is cheaper than a daily coffee. Photo: Supplied


It also contains Pterostilbene, a powerful antioxidant derived from blueberries. This protects cells from damage and reduces oxidative stress, improving your body's ability to naturally reduce blood sugar levels.

Other ingredients include Glycine, which can improve skin health and reduce the formation of wrinkles by increasing collagen production, and Hyaluronic acid which improves skin suppleness and improves skin radiance.

AgeMate drinks infront of sunset
AgeMate contains 18 ingredients to help with longevity. Photo: Supplied

The formula also contains Magnesium Malate, which can be effective in reducing inflammation, alleviating depression, and increasing our ability to tolerate exercise. It's helped by MSM which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Spermidine helps healthy cell regeneration, promotes healthy liver function, and enhances memory and cognitive function, while Vitamin C can enhance immune function.

Other ingredients such as Butterfly Pea Powder, Vitamins B1, B6, B12, D3 & K2 MK-7, Folate, Choline and L-theanine work together to support skin elasticity, cognitive function, blood sugar levels, heart health, and antioxidant properties.

AgeMate, $79, is soy-free, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly, and it’s formulated without GMOs, stevia, sugar or artificial colours, flavours, or sweeteners.

There is currently a limited-time welcome offer of a free hermetically sealed storage container and drink bottle valued at $59 when you place an order.

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