Kmart shoppers notice hilarious detail in popular $18 bag: 'First thing I noticed'

This is one dupe we never would have expected!

Kmart shoppers have recently stumbled upon a quirky detail in one of the discount retailer's popular new bags, and it's udderly amusing.

The black and tan $18 cross body tote bag has garnered attention not for its style and functionality, or even similarity to pricier counterparts as often seen with Kmart bags, but for its striking resemblance to a certain... farm animal.

Kmart's black and tan cross body tote bag.
Kmart's black and tan cross body tote bag is causing a stir online. Photo: Facebook/Kmart

In a Facebook group dedicated to Kmart finds, one member innocently posted images of the bag, praising its "perfect size."

However, it wasn't long before the comments started rolling in, with someone pointing out: "Is it meant to look like a cow?" And suddenly, it clicked for many others.

"Now that you mention it...!" came a chorus of responses. "Omg that makes it cuter," someone else chimed in.


"It was the first thing I noticed," admitted one member. "I just assumed it was the country gal in me."

Others quickly jumped on the bandwagon, with one person hilariously noting: "My kids think it looks like the Minecraft cow."

A model carrying the bag (left and right) and the bag on its own (centre).
The popular Kmart bag has sparked hilarity online after shoppers spotted that it resembled a farm animal. Photos: Kmart

But it wasn't just about the cow comparisons; for some, seeing the bag as a bovine beauty actually made it more appealing.

"I didn't want one until you made me see a cow," laughed another, adding a love heart eye emoji.

"It looks durable. I love a great bag," someone else said. "I got the tan colour today, I can't wait to use it!"


Despite the cow resemblance, many also appreciated the bag for its style and affordability. "It's cute and very affordable," remarked one shopper. "Very chic and the size is great."

It seems whether you're seeing livestock or not, the bag is a hit.

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