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The sunless tanner with no smell and no transfer: "My skin feels so silky"

No more stained clothes or sheets!

We all know a real tan is bad for us. But fake tans aren't always pleasant to wear; they can feel sticky, smell strange, and leave marks on sheets and clothes.

Now beauty buffs have discovered a sunless tan that has no smell and no transfer - and they can't get enough of the game-changing formula.

"It's so silky," says one happy customer. "It feels like I've just moisturised but without being the tiniest bit sticky."

Unreal Skin's Self Tanning Cream
Unreal Skin's Self Tanning Cream leaves no marks and doesn't smell. Photo: Supplied

Unreal Skin's Self-Tanning Cream, $39.95, promises to give you a natural sun kissed glow that leaves no marks on clothes or bedsheets. This means you can apply it at any time, no matter what you're wearing, without worrying about ruining your clothes.

Its lightweight formula leaves your skin feeling soft and silky rather than sticky, and it doesn't have the traditional fake tan smell that can be so off putting.

Packed with shea butter, vitamin E, macadamia oil, sweet almond oil and aloe, it helps keep your skin soft and hydrated too.


Unreal Skin's Self Tanning Cream
Unreal Skin's Self Tanning Cream can be applied at any time. Photo: Supplied

Unreal Skin launched last year and is designed to help stop people from having to schedule 'tan days' into their busy lives. With this formula, all you need to do is shower and exfoliate before applying it. You don't even need to use a mitt like many other self-tanners - just use your hands to apply it, then wash them thoroughly afterwards.

It can be applied in the morning or at night, will darken over four hours, and nobody will be any the wiser.

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