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The 'game-changing' fashion trick women can't get enough of: 'The best buy ever.'

This boob tape provides extra coverage and support.

Strapless tops, one-shouldered dresses and plunging swimmers always look great on models - but in real life, it can be tricky to know how to wear them - particularly if you're concerned about wearing a bra underneath.

Strapless bras can be unflattering and uncomfortable, especially for those of us who don't have a small, perky chest. Now, bigger-breasted women have found a way to embrace their curves while still wearing the outfits they love.

"I have large breasts and have always found it difficult to find a large comfortable bra. This is the best buy ever," says one happy customer.

"This provides excellent support without any discomfort," agrees another. "Plus, it doesn't show through my clothes."

Uplift Skin's Large Boob Tape
Uplift Skin's Large Boob Tape does away with the need for strapless bras. Photo: Supplied

Uplift Skin's Large Boob Tape is designed to help you celebrate your curves while giving you the support you need under your clothes.

An extra-wide adhesive breast tape, it provides lift, shape and support wherever you need it. At 7.5cm wide, it's easier to apply than standard breast tape, meaning it stays put for longer and gives extra support.

It's suitable for bust sizes from A to G cup and the length can be customised to fit your shape perfectly. The tape comes in nude, tan and brown tones, so can be used underneath any coloured clothing to match your skin.

Uplift Skin's Large Boob Tape
Uplift Skin's Large Boob Tape comes in a range of colours so it's not visible under clothes. Photo: Supplied


Made from a blend of cotton, spandex, adhesive and acrylic, the tape is waterproof so can be used to secure plunging swimmers without worrying the tape will come unstuck.

To wear it effectively, cut the tape to the right length, pop it in place, and then press it firmly onto your skin.

Happy users love the support and freedom it provides. "It helps everything stays put and in place for hours," says one customer. "It holds up really well. I've worn it all day without any issues, and it's given me all the support I need. It's a game changer."

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