Kmart shoppers stunned by $15 dupe of popular handbag: 'Need this'

The Aussie TikToker shared her incredible find with followers.

Aussie influencer Chelsea Williamson has urged shoppers to ‘run to Kmart’ for a cheap dupe of a popular designer handbag. In a TikTok that has been viewed over 65,000 times, she compared the handbag to a $99.95 Country Road Branded Camera Bag.

The Kmart version comes in three colours and is currently stocked in-store and online for just $15. The TikToker warned shoppers that it will likely sell out soon due to the extremely low price.

Two photos of TikTok influencer Chelsea Williamson holding a Kmart bag
The influencer has urged Kmart fans to purchase the affordable handbag while it's still in stock. Photo: TikTok/chelseawilliamson

“You are not going believe the dupe handbag I just found at Kmart,” she told fans in the video. “If you are a Country Road girlie, you will know this bag.”

Showing off her purchase to the camera, she showed off the “little pocket” feature the bag has near the buckle.


“It’s safe to say this will sell out, better get running besties,” she exclaimed.

Kmart currently has the item listed as a PU Camera Crossbody Bag on their website, with colour choices of black, green and brown, or pink and beige. It has an adjustable shoulder strap and is lined with polyester.

L: Country Road model holds a handbag. R: Kmart model wears a handbag
The Country Road bag (left) seems to be the inspiration for Kmart's offering (right). Photo: Country Road & Kmart

The reviews on their website are overwhelmingly positive, with multiple mums saying their daughters absolutely “loved” the stylish crossbody bag.

Her followers were floored by the find, with many commenting on social media about her purchase.

“Okay need this,” one person declared, while another added the bag was “So, so nice”.

“I couldn’t decide between this one or the black! So good,” a third chimed in.

“So nice! Especially for autumn,” another remarked.


“I have a black [Country Road] one, but still went and bought the pink version of this today,” a TikToker wrote.

“OMG I have the exact [Country Road] one and totally should’ve waited for the $15 dupe!” another exclaimed.

The influencer assured shoppers that while the Kmart dupe is a great find, she personally has two of the Country Road handbags which are ‘amazing quality’.

“You get what you pay for,” she told her followers.

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