MAFS producer exposes 'confusing' relationship: 'Had everyone fooled'

The couple reportedly ‘fell apart at the seams’ once the cameras stopped rolling.

A Married At First Sight producer has dropped a major bombshell about one of this year’s most loved-up couples, Jayden Eynaud and Eden Harper.

While the pair made it to the end of the experiment and professed their love for one another at Final Vows during Monday night’s episode, the insider claims that their relationship during filming was “a confusing mess that had everyone fooled”.

MAFS' Eden Harper and Jayden Eynaud at Final Vows.
A MAFS producer has claimed Jayden Eynaud and Eden Harper’s relationship was ‘a confusing mess that had everyone fooled’. Photo: Channel Nine

“As soon as the cameras went down, the pretending finished and their relationship fell apart at the seams,” the source tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

“There was this idea of who the two of them were and they did give themselves up to the experiment but the truth was that Jayden didn't feel the same about Eden and he never really did.”


The insider went on to reveal that producers relied on Jayden throughout the show to “stir things up” at the dinner parties and commitment ceremonies.

“It was well known that the producers pulled Eden and Jayden aside early and threatened their time on the show if they didn't become their mouthpiece, which for Jayden became like a game,” they continue.

“They were told they were boring and they needed to put on a show, so Jayden did that and has really kept up the act from that day forward. This was confusing for Eden because she did start to believe Jayden was in love with her.”

Another source close to the couple tells Yahoo Lifestyle that Eden and Jayden are now “barely speaking” and she has been “left to pick up the pieces” as she questions everything about their relationship.

 MAFS' Jayden Eynaud and Lauren Dunn at a nightclub.
Jayden was recently spotted partying with his co-star Lauren Dunn. Photos: Instagram/mafsuncensored

Jayden and Lauren's dance floor antics

Cracks began to show for the couple last week when Jayden was spotted partying alongside his co-star Lauren Dunn with Eden nowhere to be seen.

An insider told Yahoo Lifestyle that Eden was also at the club earlier in the evening but she left because her partner was “ignoring her”.

“Jayden wasn’t talking to Eden at all which was very noticeable and made everyone feel uncomfortable, so she decided to go home when they went from one club to another,” the source said.

“At the next venue, Jayden and Lauren arrived arm in arm and were very close the whole night. She was all over him, but he was definitely enabling it.”


Eden has since spoken to Daily Mail, labelling the behaviour of both Jayden and Lauren as “disrespectful” and “inappropriate”. Meanwhile, Lauren has brushed off any romance rumours and said she was “definitely not making a move on Jayden”.

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