MAFS' Harrison Boon launches bizarre tirade against female co-stars

Tahnee Cook has since shared a lengthy response to Harrison's post.

Married At First Sight ‘villain’ Harrison Boon has been called out on social media this week after he filmed an hour-long Instagram Live about how the female participants from last year’s season of the reality show are “unmarryable”.

Despite telling his followers that he has “moved on” from his season and “no longer really feels the need to talk about it that much”, the 33-year-old builder criticised his co-stars Lyndall Grace, Alyssa Barmonde, Sandy Jawanda and his match Bronte Schofield for not being in relationships.

MAFS' Harrison and Bronte.
A former MAFS star has revealed how long the commitment ceremonies really go for. Photo: Channel Nine

“It just boggles my mind that you could get international fame and notoriety for being single on a television show and still a year later struggle to land a guy. That just seems f**king mind-boggling,” he said.

“The average woman doesn’t have the spotlight, fame and notoriety of half of the women of MAFS. So you can imagine if the average woman can find a man, get married and have kids, why are these women who are in a very exclusive portion of the public where they have received hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of viewers on them and they still can’t find a relationship.”

Harrison, who has been dating his partner Gina since January last year, went on to say that a woman’s “peak value” is between the ages of 18-24 while a man hits their “peak value” around the ages of 35-50 “because that’s when men’s peak earning potential kicks in”.


He also shared a series of Instagram Stories labelling Lyndall, Alyssa, Sandy and Bronte as “unmarryables” alongside screenshots of their online dating profiles.

“You ladies might have avoided accountability on MAFS but karma is a b***h. The market ain't buying what you're selling and you're running out of time,” he wrote.

“All the emotional support you get from feminist echo chambers on Facebook and Instagram clearly aren't filling that void. Best of luck though. You can always adopt a dog?”

MAFS groom Harrison Boon's Instagram Stories.
‘The market ain't buying what you're selling and you're running out of time.’ Photos: Instagram/harrison_boon_

Tahnee claps back at Harrison

Harrison’s co-star Tahnee Cook has since taken to social media to call out his comments, saying she won’t allow her friends to be spoken about “in such a gross tone”.

“Anyone that shares the view that women are no value to men when they hit a certain age is misogynistic, toxic and just stupid,” she wrote.

“The sentiment that women are no value to men when they hit a certain age it’s just disgusting. How are we in 2024 with people still holding these beliefs? It is no longer normalised to stay in unfulfilling and toxic relationships in fear of being undesirable. Your age doesn’t determine your worthiness of love.”

She continued: “If we are ‘unmarryables’ then who fkn cares. We don’t base our worth on the beliefs of disgusting men anyway. Anyone who is happy and unbothered doesn’t have the time to drag people down like this.”

Season 10 brides speak out

Tahnee’s post was quickly flooded with supportive messages from her co-stars, including Lyndall who said: “Well, this is why I call him embarrison. Great stuff calling it out, love you girly.”

“He is unworthy of my time or attention. I’ll stay happily unmarryable and unbothered then settle for someone like that,” Sandy wrote.

“Imagine being so obsessed with other people’s lives that it literally consumes you,” Alyssa added. “I refuse to give this ‘man’ (loose term here) any attention. He should be focussing on his own relationship, instead of constantly trying to tear grown women down.”


Bronte also left a comment about how she “went through hell” in the experiment and coming out of it single is something she prides herself on.

“I don’t jump into a new relationship because I was scared of being ✨alone✨ I needed to heal, I want to be in a healthy and loving relationship not just with a man… but with myself,” she said. "You girls showed me my worth in more ways than one and continue to do so, I am forever grateful and I will have your backs forever just as you do mine. Your relationship status or age doesn’t determine your worth🤍”

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