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The new Frank Green colours inspired by catwalk trends

Make your sustainable accessories high fashion.

Frank Green is determined to help us ditch single-use cups and bottles - and thank goodness because Australia has a big problem when it comes to this type of waste. In fact, we use an estimated 1.84 billion single-use cups and 15 billion plastic bottles every year, according to Clean Up Australia. These cups alone contribute to around 60,000 of plastic waste every year, adding to our already enormous piles of landfill.

Already a leader in sustainability, Frank Green reusable cups and bottles have become more than something that's simply great for the planet. Now they're also stylish accessories with a cult social media presence.

Frank Green new collection of cups and bottles
Frank Green has launched a curated, limited edition selection of new colours. Photo: Supplied

To further help their sustainability mission, they're launching a limited-edition collection of cups and bottles in new colours, to ensure everyone can find a reusable cup or bottle they love.

The carefully curated selection of new colours is bang on-trend. Sweet Peach takes its cue from the 2024 Pantone Colour of the Year, Peach Fuzz, while Atomic Red is a nod to this autumn's biggest colour trend, seen on recent fall catwalks.

Frank Green bottle and cup in Peach Fuzz and Atomic Red colours.
Frank Green's new limited edition collection comes in Peach Fuzz and Atomic Red colours. Photo: Supplied

Fashion designers such as Bottega Veneta also included splashes of bright green in their recent shows. While Frank Green might not be on the catwalk, the Evergreen bottle aims to bring a high-end pop to your outfit.

Dark, rich browns are set to be big in the world of interiors this winter and are also featuring heavily on catwalks. The Chocolate colour cup and bottle are the perfect way to accessorise in your bedroom or office.

Frank Green bottle and cup in Evergreen and Chocolate
The limited edition colours also include Evergreen and Chocolate. Photo: Supplied


The new colours are available in their signature 1L Ceramic Reusable Bottles, $59.95, as well as smaller reusable bottles, $49.95, and the Ceramic Reusable Cups, $46.95. You can also buy straps, bottle bumper guards and different style lids in the new colours, so you can mix and match - or update your existing cup or bottle.

If you want to take your personalisation a step further, the new range can be monogrammed with letters or emojis.

All Frank Green's reusable bottles and cups are triple-walled and vacuum-insulated. The third wall is made with a ceramic lining and provides a thermal barrier, so you can keep your drinks either hot or cold without spoiling the taste. They are also all BPA-free and approved by the FDA.

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