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The award-winning mattress that's 'like sleeping on a cloud'

This mattress has won the 'Best Craftsmanship Award' in the Bedbuyers awards.

Nearly 48 per cent of Australians have problems with their sleep, according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. Sleeping poorly doesn't just make you feel tired; lack of sleep can impact your mood, mental health and judgement, as well as reduce productivity and increase the risk of accidents.

Needless to say, a good quality mattress can be a game-changer when it comes to improving your sleep quality. Australia's leading independent mattress review site, Bedbuyer, has compiled a list of Australia’s best mattresses in 2024 so you can buy a mattress that's just right for you.

The Yinahla Classic Comfort mattress took out the award for Best Craftsmanship.

The Yinahla Classic Comfort mattress
The Yinahla Classic Comfort mattress has won the Best Craftmanship Award at BedBuyers. Photo: Supplied

The Aussie-made mattress was given the accolade of having the "best spring system on the market", with its nine-zone ultra coil pocket spring system. These different zones provide better back support and create minimal partner disturbance.

People who've slept on the mattress agree that it's changed the quality of their sleep. "We are not waking up in pain anymore," says one customer. "It's like sleeping on a cloud every night," raves another.


Mattress features provide extra support

Around the edge of the mattress is a special "comfort edge foam box" which strengthens the mattress perimeter and gives a firm edge support. This allows you to use the entire mattress without rolling off the edge.

Over the top of the springs is an assortment of premium foams, including an exclusive product called Cloud Gel. This is 76 per cent more breathable than standard foam, so helps keep you at a comfortable temperature during the night. It also relieves joint pressure to prevent tension around the shoulders, hips and knees.

Yinahla Classic Comfort mattress
The Yinahla Classic Comfort mattress comes with a fabric cover designed to keep you cool and dry during sleep. Photo: Supplied

The entire mattress is covered with an elastin fabric cover that incorporates a technology designed to keep you cool and dry during sleep.

All Yinahla mattresses are designed and manufactured in Melbourne and come with a 20-year warranty, as well as a 100-night free trial period. All their mattresses contain non-toxic certifications.

The other awards in the BedBuyer's awards went to:

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