MAFS' Harrison savaged over raunchy striptease: 'Tragic Mike'

Married At First Sight groom Harrison Boon left very little to the imagination.

MAFS’ Harrison Boon has quickly become one of the most polarising contestants this year, after allegedly having a ‘girl on the outside’ waiting for him when the experiment ended. The builder, who has been matched with Bronte Schofield, has a side hustle as a stripper for Bow Tie Boys.

Viewers went wild after raunchy footage of the 32-year-old father resurfaced on Sunday, with the groom performing some X-rated moves for a bride-to-be. He was brutally mocked by MAFS fans, who labelled his striptease as ‘cringe and awkward’.

L: MAFS star Harrison Boon in just a bow tie and underwear. R: Harrison Boon performing a striptease on a boat
MAFS groom Harrison has been savaged after a video of his striptease went viral. Photo: Instagram/ & mafsgossip

After the video was shared by Instagram fan account MAFS Gossip, it racked up over 32,000 views and hundreds of comments.

The TV personality began his dance wearing black shorts and a white t-shirt, which he soon ripped off after being encouraged by the crowd. Harrison chose to perform his dance to Pony by Ginuwine, taking inspiration from Channing Tatum's famous striptease in Magic Mike.


He then started rolling and thrusting his hips towards the woman, before grabbing her head and hands. The recipient seemed shocked as her hands were pulled over his torso before Harrison stripped down to just his underwear.

In a bizarre move, the mortified woman was then pulled to the ground before Harrison mimicked a sex act in front of her friends.

Viewers didn’t hold back in the comments, with many expressing their ‘embarrassment’ over his racy dance.

“That was so awkward. He is not good at that!” one viewer exclaimed.

“I literally had to stop watching, I could not deal with the second-hand embarrassment,” another added.

“The only person he’s turning on is himself…” a third pointed out.

“He is so in love with himself, absolute sleaze,” another remarked.

L: Harrison Boon ripping his white t-shirt off. R: Harrison Boon performing a striptease lapdance
Harrison performed a number of racy moves in the clip. Photo: Instagram/mafsgossip


Others made fun of the stripper for trying to be like Hollywood star Channing Tatum.

“When you order Channing Tatum from Wish,” quipped a fan.

“It’s not Magic Mike - IT’S TRAGIC MIKE,” a second joked.

“#KmartChanning,” another added, while a fourth agreed and said, “Omg. Kmart on sale.”

Harrison's bio on Bow Tie Boys says he has been a stripper and topless waiter 'for years', and the company describes him as "Fun, loveable and extremely funny".

Customers can book him for experiences such as a "G-String strip" or "Full Monty strip".

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